What are the other job titles for office manager

By | November 28, 2012

An office manager’s job is extremely varied and involves great skill in a number of related fields and disciplines. In other words, the office manager must be competent enough to handle everything from word processing to maintaining office records, communications, secretarial and clerical work like file keeping and so on.

Their chief task is to maintain that the day to day activities of the office are carried out smoothly without any interruption, and that, according to the nature of the office he works in, the work environment in the office is harmonious and cordial.

Most of the job titles span more than one field and therefore, office management is a field of work which is non-restrictive and which makes use of skills typically found in other professional zones. There are many kinds of job titles under the banner of an office manager, usually distinguished on the basis of the field of work the office manager is involved with. Some of the typical job titles include:

Office Book Keeping Job Titles:

Such individuals keep track of the everyday transactions that take place in an office. A bookkeeping office manager is in charge of keeping records and maintaining logbooks of incomes, expenditures, sales receipts and so on. Bookkeeping is not the same thing as accounting as the latter is part of the former but the former involves a lot more than just accounting. Various job titles under bookkeeping include:

  • Chart of accounts manager
  • Computerized bookkeeping manager
  • Journal bookkeeping manager
  • Ledger bookkeeping manager
  • Petty cash book keeping manager
  • Ledger keeping manager

Risk Management Office Manager Job Titles:

A risk management office manager is an individual who takes decisions on behalf of the office as far as daily transactions are concerned. Such individuals conceptualize the potential risks that might beset the company and devise strategies to combat or challenge those problems. There are many job titles under the term of a risk management office manager and some of them are:

  • Chief risk officer
  • Operational risk manager
  • Risk assessment manager
  • Risk governance manager

Human Resources Office Manager Job Titles:

An HR manager is probably the most important person in any office as he deals directly with the employees or a human workforce of the office. By rewarding, training, assessing, selecting, penalizing and assisting employees on the office roll-book, the HR manager exerts vast power within the premises and is most knowledgeable about the people working in the office and their problems. There are various kinds of job titles under the term human resources manager and some of them are as follows:

  • Aspiration management officer
  • HR consulting officer
  • Employees representative office
  • Human capital officer

Accounting Office Manager Job Titles:

The accounting office, as the name suggests, is involved in taking all decisions related to finance and budget in the office. This is usually a very senior post and can be obtained by a person with vast experience. The accounting officer reports directly to the chief executive officer of the company. The various job titles under this branch of office management are as follows:

  • Key account manager
  • Customer Relationship manager
  • Strategic planning manager

Facilities Management Office Manager Job Titles:

Such individuals work towards building infrastructure, space, people and technology to give an office a complete edge over competition. This is an interdisciplinary field where a lot of variety is obtained as is obvious from the job titles under the category.  Some of the job titles include:

  • Asset management officer
  • Legal issues manager
  • Office continuity planning officer

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