Web Designer Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

As the world we live in is becoming more and more driven by electronics and the internet, and when information is to be found at our fingertips, the role of web designers is getting increasingly important day by day. There are some web designers who work as freelancers while others are hired by clients to design their websites. There are many aspects of a web designer’s responsibility and they either know all those aspects or specialize in one particular feature and offer their services in that area. Since web designing is a technical job, using technical tools, its most important part is to able to write codes and use coding programs like HTML, JavaScript, PHP and so on to create a web page.

Besides making the web page, they have other responsibilities too like designing graphics for the page in the form of images, layout, graphs, animation and other special effects which make the web page visually more attractive. The job description, duties and tools used by the web designer will vary according to the purpose of making the website. The webpage can use for commercial, informational, educational, entertainment, communication, business or gaming purposes. They should also keep themselves up to date on the latest trends in the web designing world and update the web page accordingly.

Here are a few job titles that one can choose from the field of web designing.

Technical Web Designer Job Titles:

Electronic media consists of televisions and computers, or websites, where the graphic designer will create images, designs, graphics and other design elements to pass information and a message to the public. They create artwork, banners or commercials for the electronic media and have the freedom to use many types of multimedia tools because here they are not restricted by the limitations in the print media. These graphic designers can also work for movies or documentaries where they use their skills and imagination to create many lively designs that reinforces the message the producers are trying to make. Here are a few job titles in this category:

  • Web Application Developer
  • Flash Designer
  • Senior Web Designer
  • ASP Developer
  • Web Design & Developer
  • Web Page Designer
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Web Author
  • Media/Web Designer
  • Web Consultant
  • Multimedia & Web Designer

Commercial Web Designer Job Titles:

These web designers work for clients who want them to design a page to be used for commercial purpose like conducting business or to promote their products. This does not have any entertainment or informational purpose but specifically deals with the sales and marketing of the product or service so that consumers get to know more about it through the web page and can also order it online if they want to. These are a few job titles in this category:

  • Web Marketing Assistant
  • Multimedia Web Marketing Designer
  • Animation Marketing Manager
  • Web Marketing Designer
  • Marketing Coordinator Web Designer
  • Web Marketing Specialist

Web Graphic Designer Job Titles:

A major responsibility of a web designer is to make the page visually more appealing and after all the technicalities are set in place, he uses his creativity and tools to add pictures, animation, sound effects, graphics and other artwork to make the website more attractive to the users. These web graphic designers can create pages using an integrated approach and incorporate multimedia into its design. It helps to create a better and long-lasting impact on the users. Some job titles in this category that one can choose from are as follows:

  • 3d Graphic Artist and Web Designer
  • Web Animator
  • Web Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Design & Production Coordinator
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Graphic Designer and Presentation
  • Web Creative Designer
  • Web Creative Services Designer

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