Veterinarian Job Titles

By | November 1, 2012

A veterinarian is a doctor of the animals. They are responsible for the health and care of the animals and required to diagnose, treat and find solutions to the health problems of animals. They work in various settings such as veterinary clinics, zoos, laboratories etc. To become a veterinarian, a person needs to have a doctor of veterinary medicine degree as well as a state license.

The profession of veterinarians is sub classified into many fields depending upon the exact nature of the work the vet performs. For example, vets may specialize in disciplines such as dermatology, surgery and even cosmetic treatments of pets.

The field of veterinary science and practices is quite vast and has several job titles and job positions within it. Depending upon the different practices, we have the following given list of veterinarian job titles. The person working at each job title performs different set of duties and has different specialties and qualifications than the other.

Veterinarian receptionist/technician job titles:

The segment of the field of veterinary which involves lower level job positions deals with day to day tasks such as handling the front office and reception are known as veterinary receptionist/technician job titles. This segment of this field requires those individuals who work to ensure the smooth running of a veterinary clinic or hospital.

There are several job positions in this segment such as veterinary receptionist etc who too must have the proper education to deal with the duties and responsibilities. The following is a list of veterinary receptionist/technician job titles:

  • Veterinarian receptionist
  • Veterinarian technician
  • Veterinarian customer service specialist
  • Veterinarian secretary
  • Veterinarian front office receptionist
  • Veterinarian part time associate veterinarian
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Veterinary attendants
  • Para veterinary workers

Veterinarian lower level job titles:

The veterinarians who work at the basic and lower levels of this field are those who have gained the necessary education required and do not have any specific specialization in this field. These individuals work in many different places such as vet clinics, vet hospitals, zoos, racetracks, medical laboratories etc.

They diagnose the illnesses and injuries of animals and also treat them and give them required injections and medicines to overcome their diseases. The following is a list of the various job titles of lower level veterinarian field.

  • Veterinarian assistant
  • Veterinarian food inspection specialist
  • Associate veterinarian
  • Junior veterinarian
  • Senior veterinarian
  • Animal caretaker
  • Animal injury specialist
  • Veterinary physician
  • Pet vet

Veterinary high level job titles:

The senior level of the field of veterinary involves those animal doctors who have gained specialization in this sector. The senior level veterinary doctors are responsible for handling tougher and more complex duties such as surgeries, ophthalmology, pharmacology, internal medicine and dermatology etc.

To become a veterinary specialist, a qualified veterinarian has to gain further education and acquire specialization in their desired field. The fields may also range from marine in which vets specialist to treat marine animals and exotic where vets take care and diagnose exotic animals and also wild animals. The following is a list of all those job titles that are considered to be high level or senior level veterinary jobs:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Veterinary pharmacologist
  • Veterinary epidemiologist
  • Veterinary chiropractors
  • Veterinary specialist
  • Senior vet
  • Senior veterinary surgeon
  • Veterinary oncologist
  • Veterinary pathologist
  • Veterinary neurologist
  • Veterinary dermatologist
  • Internal medicine veterinarian
  • Veterinary dentist
  • Exotic vet
  • Equine vet
  • Farm vet
  • Marine vet
  • Research veterinarian
  • Veterinarian chemotherapist

All of the above mentioned job titles comprise of the vast field of veterinarian sciences.

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