Types of Marketing Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Marketing is essentially defined as an intermediate relation between the development of a product and its subsequent sales. This incorporates a number of different roles and hence involves a lot of multitasking. There are a number of job titles which comes with its own share of responsibilities.

The overall objective of marketing is to package and develop a product according to the requirements of an identified market and the company’s profitability. One needs to adhere to the company’s sales policies as well as develop and strategize new ones as and when required. Therefore, in order to get a clear picture of this field, one needs to go through the list of job titles provided below.

Creative Sales Market Job Titles:

Marketing essentially involves creative packaging of a product or service for the purpose of attracting a number of customers. This, hence, requires a number of creative procedures for the proper promotion of the product as well as product development. The job titles include:

  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Animation (Flash) Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multi-Media Designer
  • Prepress Specialist
  • Producer
  • Production Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Instructional Designer
  • Traffic Manager
  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Design
  • Production Manager
  • Story Board Artist
  • Information Architect/User Interface Designer
  • Traffic Coordinator

Market Researcher Titles:

Market research is one of the most important functions within the marketing field. This includes understanding the consumers, the product and their proper analysis in accordance with effective sales and profitability of the company. This also means that proper advertising of the product is required from the market researcher. The related job titles are:

  • Senior Manager Market Research
  • Vice President Market Research
  • Consumer Insights Manager
  • Senior Consumer Insights Manager
  • Associate Market Research
  • Vice President Consumer Insights
  • Director Market Research
  • Associate Planner
  • Planner
  • Senior Account Planner
  • Director of Account Planning
  • Account Planner
  • Business Analysis Manager
  • Senior Business Analysis Manager
  • Director Consumer Insights
  • Assistant or Associate Study Director
  • Study Director, Senior Study Director
  • Strategic Planner
  • Assistant or Associate Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Director
  • Senior Project Director
  • Assistant or Associate Account Executive
  • Assistant or Associate Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Associate Account

Agency-based market titles:

There are specific functions included in marketing that is done within the advertising agency such as:

  • Agency Account Coordinator
  • Agency Account Executive
  • Agency Account Planner
  • Agency Account Supervisor/Director
  • Agency Assistant Account Executive
  • Agency Client Services Manager
  • Agency New Business Development Specialist

Online Technical Marketing Titles:

This is majorly concerned with creating online strategies through different forms of web-based media for the purpose of increasing visibility of a product/service/company.

  • Email Marketing Manager/Specialist
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Media Research Analyst
  • Media Coordinator
  • Media Planner
  • Media Supervisor
  • Marketing Database Manager
  • Online Marketing Director
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Online Promotions Manager
  • Online/Interactive Media Buyer
  • Online/Interactive Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketer

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