Sales Service Job Titles

By | October 4, 2012

The sales and service jobs have traditionally been in high demand and expected to remain so all across the world. While the job of the salesperson is to retain the old customers and get new ones into the fold, servicing customers are all the more important.

Millions of people are being employed in the servicing sector every year and there has been a steady increase in the numbers. It has often been witnessed that an indifferent servicing attitude has made customers to shift allegiance to a rival company.

The sales and service job demands include the vital ability of persuading others via communicating effectively in verbal and writing. It requires professionals in this field to be even-tempered. Sales service staff must possess the genuine desire of helping people with a product or service. An outgoing and positive attitude is thus the key.

Patience is also a virtue in sales service job titles. A sales and service personnel must listen to his customer intently and fully comprehend his needs and the ability for meeting deadlines is also very important. Whenever a commitment has been made to the customer, he mustn’t be left disappointed and the service meted out.

Sales service engineer job titles

Service engineers are the basic technical resource in the field sales force. They are responsible to actively drive and manage technology evaluation stages of a sales process, working closely with the sales team, in the capacity of a technical adviser.

A sales service engineer advocates the products. As a professional, he must have the ability to articulate technology as also product placement for both technical and business users. Following are the typical job titles under this head.

  • Trainee sales engineer
  • Engineer (tendering)
  • Graduate sales engineer trainee
  • Manufacturing sales engineer
  • Pre sales system engineer
  • Technical marketing executive
  • Technical support engineer
  • Senior after-sales application engineer
  • Engineer (project sales)

Senior service manager job titles

The senior service manager identifies the future and current service needs via establishment of a personal rapport with the customers and individuals able to understand the service requirements.

He usually determines the improvements to the sales and service teams by analyzing the cost-benefit ratios of supplies, equipment and service applications in a customer environment. The usually job titles under this head are as follows:

  • Senior service consultant
  • Senior technical manager
  • Network sales engineer
  • Trainee manager (sales and service)
  • Home services specialist
  • Business service integration manager
  • Consultant (on site after-sales service)
  • Senior customer service specialist
  • Service operations engineer
  • Product engineer
  • Head (service integration engineer)
  • Product services supervisor
  • Senior business systems analyst
  • Operations manager (sales and service)

Head of sales and service job titles

The head of the sales and service is usually the head of that particular department. It’s a very responsible post. The head leads and manages the client services team and prepares forthrightly reports. He also does resource planning for assigning projects to team members for resolving issues.

Besides recruiting new team members, the director conducts appraisals and personal development regarding the client servicing team and sets and reviews the targets. Other job responsibilities include devising and executing development plans for major clients.

Here are some of the common job titles under this head:

  • Senior manager (sales and service)
  • Head (quality appraisal)
  • Senior manager of client engineering services
  • Deputy manager (service and spares)
  • Head (engineering services and utility)
  • Senior manager (corporate and institutional sales)
  • Director (product development)
  • General manager (after sales service)
  • Corporate service accounts director
  • Head (servicing)
  • General manager (regional sales and service)

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