Sales Operations Job Titles

By | October 4, 2012

A sales operation job typically involves selling a product for earning profits from a company. The sales operator or the sales representative is often considered to be the most important staff in an organization as they are the ones who generate income and revenue for the company. In several industries, the sales personnel receive the bulk of their salary in the form or commission or a percentage of their sales.

Sales operations personnel are employed in a variety of industries. Their job involves describing the products to the potential customers and clients, highlighting the benefits involved in owning the product. Many times, the members of the sales team give a demonstration on the working of the product. Regardless of the industry, the salesman must close the deal by turning the prospective client to a customer.

A staff engaged in sales operations must possess strong verbal and written skills. He must be professional, motivated and organized. The sales operations job titles calls for energetic people who have a penchant for sales and can be a strong team player.

The personnel must be resilient as well as even the more experienced people in this line face rejection almost on a regular basis. However, more than anything else, a sales operations personnel must be knowledgeable and passionate about the product he is selling. He must also possess motivational skills.

Sales representative job titles

Like the system of working in the sales industry, the sales representative usually plays out various duties and responsibilities. Enthusiasm, hard working and friendly are the key points to become a successful sales representative.

Often, a sales representative has to travel a lot so as to meet appointments with the prospective customers and entice them to buy the products. The typical job titles under this head could include the following job titles:

  • Retail sales representative
  • Field sales executive
  • Outside sales executive
  • Technical sales representative
  • Marketing representative
  • Event specialist
  • Account development officer
  • Associate sales personnel
  • Commission sales officer
  • Sales trainee

Sales officer job titles

A sales officer is a member of the sales staff who works for selling a product or service on behalf of a company. Like their peers, they work in a variety of organizations, from automobiles to beauty products and computers. Many times the sales officer works independently. But whether they work in a team or alone, the goal is to boost the sales of the company.

  • Account manager (outside sales)
  • Sales professional
  • Client experience manager
  • Insurance sales officer
  • Retail operations officer
  • Account executive
  • Service officer
  • District sales personnel
  • Special events sales manager
  • Entry level sales and solutions expert
  • Customer service officer

Sales manager job titles

The sales manager is at the top of the sales department and is responsible for the performance and development of the sales team. He staffs and directs the team and also gives leadership for achieving the maximum possible growth conforming to the company values and vision.

The sales manager is responsible for establishing plans and devising strategies for expanding the base of customers in the marketing domain. He also contributes towards training and development of the team and imparts knowledge about bringing in customers to account representatives. Common job titles under this portfolio include:

  • Territory sales manager
  • Senior manager (sales)
  • Vice president (promotions)
  • Marketing manager
  • Revenue analyst
  • Regional sales manager
  • Sales head (area operations)
  • Manager (online sales)
  • District sales manager
  • Director (institutional sales)
  • Market account manager
  • Senior manager (international operations)
  • Deputy manager (urban sales)

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