Sales Management Job Titles

By | October 4, 2012

The sales manager is a key functionary in the revenue generation process of a company. A sales manager plans, directs, organizes and controls the sales staff of the organization. He is the person who is answerable to the management if there’s a dip in sales generation of the company.Senior sales professionals who have excelled in their previous roles are often appointed as sales managers in leading companies.

The role mostly focuses on planning and directing sales activities.Besides overseeing junior sales team members, the sales managers are responsible for maximizing potential revenue in the assigned segment. Because of the job’s demanding nature, they are often required to travel frequently to meet partners, dealers, distributors and others.

One of the basic responsibilities of a sales manager involves meeting the annual and the quarterly sales targets. As the leader of sales team, the manager must set goals and develop incentive programs for his personnel. He could be asked by the vice president (sales) to devise revenue forecasts as also profit reports illustrating the team’s overall progress.

The sales manager can also device sales campaigns that focus on communicating and nurturing relations with customers and bolstering sales.  Other responsibilities of sales management job titles include conducting market surveys and devising strategies for new businesses.

Area sales manager job titles

The area sales manager ensures execution of the sales objectives of the company at the area-level. He contributes to the company’s strategic direction and also ensures that tactical execution is carried out at the field level. He has to work closely with the sales groups deployed in a particular region and with key suppliers, customers, category teams etc. for boosting sales. Following are the key job titles in this segment

  • Account manager (sales)
  • District retail manager
  • Territory sales manager
  • Commercial director
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Senior account manager
  • Business development specialist
  • Department manager (retail)
  • Business development manager
  • Area sales administrator
  • Retail sales manager
  • Regional stores manager (retail)
  • Technical sales manager
  • Senior sales manager
  • Regional corporate sales manager
  • Retail zone manager
  • Technical sales manager
  • Group senior sales manager

Director (sales and marketing) job titles

The sales and marketing manager is in charge of all the sales activities of a company that includes all the concerned departments. He usually reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company.

He analyses the sales statistics for determining the growth potential of the company, oversees the hiring, training and deployment of personnel of the sales and marketing division, develops and/or participates with senior staff in devising the strategic marketing plan, coordinates the sales operations with all divisions, develops and maintains or improves business relations with the company’s customers. He also seeks fresh targets and new sales opportunities, initiates the plan of action and follows it.

The job titles under this head usually involve the following:

  • Director (retail stores)
  • Deputy director (international sales)
  • Vice president (logistics and merchandise movement)
  • National sales accounts director
  • Director (banking products and services)
  • Sales commercial administrator
  • National coordinator (institutional and corporate sales)
  • Vice president (inside sales)
  • Sales and marketing (recruitment) director
  • National business development manager
  • Sales specialist (enterprise hosting)
  • Director of marketing (network and channel sales)
  • Associate vice president (customer retention)
  • Executive director (internet sales)
  • Country head (sales)
  • Director of sales (conference and events)
  • Director (international sales training)
  • Director (sales operation and analytics)
  • Business development director (mechanical sales)
  • Senior Vice President (outbound sales)
  • Head of people operations (sales)
  • Global business development director

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