Sales force Job Titles

By | October 30, 2012

Sales is an act through which a person sells something to another person.  In any company or business organisation, one of the main goals is to sell as many items/services/commodities as possible. This task cannot be done without a team of people working in the sales department. All these individuals together form the sales force of an organisation.

The sales force of any company is majorly responsible for the success or failure of the company because on it depends how products are sold, channelized, distributed etc. This field is vast and has many subfields or categories on which members of the sales force work. The following given part of the article shall lay stress on the various job titles within the sales force of a company.

Executive level sales force job titles:

The executive level of a salesforce of a company is the top level of this field and the people working at this level are mainly responsible for creating strategies and providing leadership to achieve the strategic vision.  The executive level individuals are required to create new initiatives and goals so that the other salesforce members can achieve them. The following are a few executive level salesforce job titles:

  • Director of sales
  • Vice president sales
  • National level sales position

Regional management salesforce job titles:

Regional management of sales is a category of salesforce which deals with the management of sales in a fixed territory. The regional sales managers are responsible for achieving sales targets in a given region and ensuring that the strategies made by the executive level salesforce members are practiced and followed thoroughly. The following given salesforce job titles come under the regional management department:

  • Senior regional manager
  • Junior regional manager
  • Regional sales person
  • Regional sales executive
  • Regional sales strategist
  • Clerical sales
  • Regional sales representative

Branch manager salesforce job titles:

A branch manager of a salesforce is an individual who supervises and regulates the working of a sales outlet of the company. These individuals work under regional managers of sales and work in close proximity to the frontline sales persons. They are also in charge of recruiting new sales representatives for their particular branch or sales outlet. The following are the branch manager salesforce job titles:

  • Senior branch manager
  • Junior branch manager
  • Sales executive
  • Branch sales representative
  • Branch sales person
  • Branch sales clerk

Team leader sales force job titles

A sales team leader is an individual who leads a team of front line sales team persons and assigns duties and responsibilities to the junior team members. These individuals work under the branch managers or regional managers and are responsible for motivating and inspiring the other members of the team. The following are the job titles that fall within this category:

  • Team leader sales
  • Team leader front line sales
  • Team leader sales trainees
  • Entry level sales person team leader

Sales associate sales force job titles:

A sales associate is an individual who works at the lowest level of the sales department and are required to take directions from the team leaders and branch managers. These individuals are recruited at the front line and may also be required to do door to door sales of the products. A sales associate may work in retail stores of the company. The following are a few sales associate salesforce job titles:

  • Sales representative
  • Sales person
  • Salesman
  • On field salesman
  • Clerical sales
  • Sales associate
  • Sales accountant
  • Sales junior accountant
  • Front line sales man
  • Sales data entry executive

These divisions of the salesforce of a company are a result of the diverse duties and responsibilities that have to be looked at and performed within the sales department.

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