Sales Executive Job Titles

By | October 4, 2012

Sales executives are experienced businesspersons who increase the profits of a company by delivering the clients a vast range of products and services. Today, many companies operate across the world and the exposure of their brands to these markets is bringing in new customers.

This, in turn, is ushering in the profits. Sales executives are employed in various industries that range from consumer goods to financial services and computer technology.

Maintaining a robust relationship with the company’s clients is one of the basic responsibilities of a sales executive. Clients are the most important factor to any business as they contribute the revenue. Thus, a sales executive must always be available to the client and identify the new business opportunities, markets, customers and potential products.

The sales executive job titles require the professional to keep a close watch on the peers as well. He must keep a tab on the new products that are being brought out by rival companies and aware the management in this regard.

It’s also very important for the sales executive to know the likes and dislikes of the customer. Market surveys can play a big role in this regard for assessing customer sentiments.

Field sales executive job titles

Field sales executives are the basic point of contact between a company and its customers. The executive answers queries, offers advice and also introduces new products to the customers. Other work includes organizing sales visits, presenting and demonstrating products, establishing new businesses, maintaining proper records, attending trade fairs, conferences etc. The common job titles in this profile are:

  • Sales representative
  • Services executive
  • Graduate sales trainee
  • Entry level account executive
  • Inside sales representative
  • Sales account executive
  • Enterprise account executive
  • Outside sales executive
  • Enterprise field level sales representative
  • Retail account executive
  • Outside sales officer

Senior sales executive job titles

The senior sales executive enhances staff competence and accomplishments by planning the delivery of solutions, replying to procedural and technical questions for the less experienced member, teaches improved processes and monitors team members.

Being a senior executive, he has to build business opportunities by identifying the prospects and evaluate processes. The senior sales executive has to identify the product improvements or shortlist new products by examining the current industry trends, market activities and economic situation. Following are the common job titles in this profile:

  • Senior sales executive
  • Senior manager (field sales)
  • Field expense agent
  • Inside sales associate
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Inside sales representative
  • Filed customer retention specialist
  • Sales counselor
  • Senior account manager
  • Retail sales representative
  • Affiliate manager (allied sales)
  • Trainee manager
  • Product relocation manager
  • Supervisor (institutional sales)
  • Senior manager (business development)

Sales manager job titles

The sales manager is usually the topmost job title in the sales domain. The sales manager is responsible for attaining sales and marketing objectives via recruitment, selection, orientation, training, scheduling, assigning, counseling and coaching employees.

Moreover, a sales manager communicates performance expectations and is involved in planning, apprising, monitoring, and reviewing the job contributions. Besides, the sales manager also determines the annual gross profit by forecasting and developing the annual sales quotas for a region, projecting the expected sales volumes. Following are the likely job titles under this heading:

  • Regional sales manager
  • Outside sales specialist
  • Market development manager
  • Manager (channel sales)
  • District sales manager
  • Manager (estate sales and relocation)
  • Marketing manager
  • B2B sales manager
  • Manager (direct sales)
  • Senior manager (retail merchandise)
  • Assistant manager (sales and marketing)
  • National accounts manager
  • Manager (sales routing)

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