Sales Engineer Job Titles

By | October 4, 2012

Sales engineers are professionals having engineering skills that are usually technology specific. For instance, a sales engineer dealing in solar technology is only supposed to know how such systems work and their design. He is also supposed to know the benefits and technical features of various solar systems and not, say automobile sales.

Most often, sales engineers work for the technology companies. Biotechnology, renewable energy, electronics, equipment and machinery companies all require sales engineers on their payroll. Component sales engineers, system sales engineer and product sales engineers are the usual professionals that are recruited by these companies.

Sales engineers can be responsible for multiple product lines or just a single or couple of products. Sales engineers undertake technical sales presentations, reply to technical queries from probable customers, provide sales and technical information on marketing, attend trade fairs and conferences and compares and analyses the technical features of identical products.

Sales engineer job titles involve a considerable amount of time traveling. They often convene via video conferencing. They must scour sales leads or discover the best leads from a given list.

Field sales engineer job titles

The primary function of a field sales engineer is to promote the growth of sales for the company within the assigned territory for meeting and exceeding the target. Such personnel are also required to expand the customer base via induction of new customers. They are usually assigned a ‘field’ that comprises of several areas.

Field sales engineers are entrusted with managing and developing the distribution channel for growing coverage and sales revenue. They coordinate multiple factors, influence area customers and submit timely reports as per direction. Following are the typical job titles under this segment:

  • Process equipment sales engineer
  • Technical sales engineer
  • Area sales engineer
  • Trainee (field sales)
  • Graduate engineer
  • Internal sales engineer
  • Junior technician, field sales
  • Pre-sales engineer
  • Field sales in-charge

Senior sales engineer job titles

The senior sales engineer is usually in charge of the said department. He liaises regularly with the sales personnel and various other departments like research and development, purchase and production, and the senior company managers.

The job title typically involves searching new clients who could benefit from the products and services, managing and interpreting customer requirements, calculating client quotations, negotiating the contract and tender terms, administering client accounts, analyzing costs and overheads, preparing reports for the head office etc. Here are some typical job titles under this segment

  • Senior sales engineer
  • Manager, field sales
  • Manager (sales and service)
  • Senior manager (installation and maintenance)
  • Technical sales engineer (capital equipment)
  • Area sales engineer
  • Manager, pre-sales engineer (bulk orders)
  • Sales manager, international accounts
  • Recruitment sales manager (engineering sector)
  • Product and sales director
  • Area service manager
  • Commercial service manager
  • Senior sales engineer (retail sales)

Head sales engineer job titles

The head sales engineer is often the head of a collective area. He coordinates the sales engineering projects and checks that the subordinates are meeting the daily/monthly sales targets.

He is often the link between the top management and the field sales team. He liaisons with various area-based teams and often addresses customer grievances. He often imparts pre-sales product and technical assistance. Following are usual job titles under this head.

  • Regional head (field application engineering)
  • Regional sales specialist
  • Regional service manager
  • Head(technical sales)
  • Sales engineer (material handling)
  • Territory sales head (shelf storage)
  • Area engineer (Per-sales)
  • Local manager (after-sales service)
  • Senior manager (public sales)
  • Regional accounts service manager
  • Supervising engineer
  • Area manager, service engineering

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