Real Estate Management Job Titles

By | September 27, 2012

Real estate managers operate and maintain real estate projects with the intention to maximize income and profits. They may oversee commercial or residential properties and could work directly for a property management company or a property dealer. A real estate manager collects rents and makes mortgages, tax payments and insurance. He also handles contracts for overseeing janitorial, landscaping and maintenance services.

A real estate management personnel has various other job responsibilities as well. These include handling financial operations of the property, collect rent and sent notices when the same fall due, prepare and maintain the financial statements, update the owners on the status of their property, inform them about occupancy rates and expiry of their leases, advise owners about the charge of rent, collect housing association and other fees, pay for common services like swimming pools and playgrounds, monitor the performance of contractors, inquire and resolve residents’ complaints from tenants and residents when services aren’t properly given, buy equipment and supplies for the properties, hire contractors for executing repairs, plan and direct the sale, purchase and development of properties and execute other functions. Real estate management job titles usually have more to do with sales.

Real estate sales agents job titles

Real estate sales agents present offer to intending buyers for considerations. They confer with escrow companies, home inspectors, pest control operators and others for ensuring that the terms and conditions of purchase deeds are met before the date of closing. They interview clients regarding the kind of property they’re hunting, and prepare documents like purchase agreements, closing statements, leases and deeds. The common job titles under this category are as follows:

  • Apartment leasing agent
  • Apartment broker
  • Apartment rental agent
  • Real estate insurance agent
  • Real estate broker
  • Buyer’s agent
  • Closing coordinator
  • Closing agent
  • Land agent
  • Leasing agent (resident and commercial property)
  • Building consultant
  • Right of way agent
  • Sales superintendent

Real estate manager job titles

A real estate or property manager oversees and manages real estate. He is usually involved in coordinating the aspects of real estate he is managing, including financial and administrative tasks, payroll and investment and insurance. Property managers usually have the choice of either working as part of a team or independently. He usually acts as a liaison between home owners and the management. The likely job titles under this head include the following:

  • Supervisory building manager
  • Residential property manager
  • Property preservation manager
  • Luxury relocation specialist
  • Due diligence analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Housing and property consultant
  • Group underwriter
  • Property management and sales manager
  • Luxury rentals and sales associate
  • Appointment setting manager
  • Chief manager (design and estimation)
  • Manager (project approval)
  • Mortgage audit affiliate

Real estate administrator job profiles

A real estate administrator has to work in coordination with the community. They have to ensure that real estate properties and housings conform to the building laws of the land and amendment acts passed by the local authorities from time to time. He speaks to prospective clients, takes them on a detour of the property and informs them about the finer details of the property. He often collects rent, mortgages payments and guides buyers to sign lease agreements. The administrator prepares reports for presenting to the management. Some job titles under this head are as under:

  • Assistant administrator (housing projects)
  • Commercial real estate administrative assistant
  • Property director (commercial projects)
  • Executive assistant (real estate and administration)
  • Administrative assistant
  • Assistant real estate manager
  • Property management administrative assistant
  • Administrator (sales and marketing)
  • Senior administrator (asset management)

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