Property Management Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

The purpose of management in property management is similar or akin to the role of management in any other business type. Property management thus involves all the functions like control, operating and overseeing of any real estate, be it commercial, residential or industrial.

Property management is a business itself i.e. real estate and is also a part of every other business type like the construction business, the industries etc. On the basis of the hierarchy of the business the job titles can be divided into following groups:

Level 1 Job Titles in Property Management:

The personnel included in this category have the responsibility of overseeing and managing the overall operations of the whole of the property management business. They are responsible for establishing the strategies for business operations, new developments in the business, managing the strong client relation and recruiting/ retrenching the key business personnel. The job titles included are as follows:

  • Director of Corporate Real Estate
  • Director of Real Estate
  • Director of Property Management
  • Director of Property Services
  • Director of Asset Services
  • Managing Director
  • Regional Director

Level 2 Job Titles in Property Management:

The officials in this category are responsible for overseeing/ directing the teams of managers, managing the client/ investor relations etc. for each of the assigned property. These individuals are assigned at the regional level of the business organization. They are also responsible for training and supporting the engineers and management members who are a part of the team working with them.

  • Regional Manager
  • District Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Senior Portfolio Manager

Level 3 Job Titles in Property Management:

The officials included in this category are the ones who are directly responsible for all of the property operations. They have to supervise the staff, support and guide them, while also taking care of forecasting and budgeting the property income and expenses. They are responsible for the performance of the team working with them.

  • Senior Real Estate Manager
  • Senior Property Manager
  • General Manager
  • Senior Facilities Manager
  • Portfolio Manager

Level 4 Job Titles in Property Management:

The officials included in this category are responsible for the physical aspects of the respective property or building. They have to be in regular contact with the client and ensure that their objectives are being met. They have to prepare financial reports, perform reviews as required by the clients and coordinate with other teams like leasing team etc.

  • Real Estate or Property Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Facility Manager

Level 5 Job Titles in Property Management:

These individuals are responsible for the day to day operations of a certain property or building that is assigned to them. They have to perform various regular administrative and managerial tasks at their level like administering the leases, oversee tenant improvement projects.

  • Assistant Real Estate Manager
  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Operations Manager

Level 6 Job Titles in Property Management:

This category is made of the individuals/ officials who provide all the required support to the clerical and management staff.

  • Property Management Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Property Assistant
  • Property Services Coordinator
  • Building Services Coordinator
  • Tenant Services Coordinator
  • Tenant Administrator

Level 7 Job Titles in Property Management:

The individuals in this category work in the finance or accounts department. This department is responsible for preparing, managing, settling, recording and maintaining all of the financial records, files and accounts.

  • Real Estate Accountant
  • Property Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Controller
  • Lease Administrator
  • Staff Accountant

Level 8 Job Titles in Property Management:

The individuals in this category work on the operations and maintenance aspects of the property. For example if the property is an industrial plant etc. They may also be involved with the finance related aspects of the technical jobs.

  • Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Apprentice Engineer
  • Utility Engineer
  • Maintenance Technician

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