Project Management Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

Project management is the aspect or discipline of business which concerns with the management of any and every project. It deals with the organizing, planning, managing, securing, leading, and controlling the various business resources to reach a certain goal which is a part of the project. In other words project management includes all the activities in the completion of the project from the beginning to end.

The employees or the job titles involved in project management can be divided into following heads on basis of the process they perform or the part of project management in which they are involved.

Initiation Related Job Titles In Project Management

Initiation of a project is that stage of the business activity wherein the personnel responsible determines the scope and the type/ nature of the project. This segment/ stage are very important as it is the task of these officials to find the deficiencies of the project (if any) and recommend changes. They have to estimate the costs and benefits by budgeting, access the requirements of the business and adjust the project suitably, and also analyze the various characteristics of the project.

  • Business Market Analyst
  • Business Market Researcher
  • Project Research Assistant
  • Project Research Coordinator
  • Project Research Consultant
  • Project Research Associate
  • Product Research Analyst
  • Assistant Researcher

Planning and Design Related Job Titles in Project Management

After the initiation of the project is done, the planning and design team has to start its operations. The main goal or responsibility of this team, in simple words is the estimation of the time, cost and resources that will be used and also access; manage the risk involved in the project. These individuals have to determine the planning strategy, define a structure of the project plan and identify the operations and activities needed to complete the plan, develop the schedule, budget and manage the risk.

  • Project Plan Manager
  • Project Design Manager
  • Project Designer
  • Project Design Consultant
  • Project Setup Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Functional Engineer
  • Senior Planning Engineer
  • Estimator, Project Management

Execution Related Job Titles in Project Management

Execution team or the executive team of project management includes those officials who are responsible for overseeing the proper execution of the project plan as framed by the design and planning team. They have to coordinate all the resources i.e. teams, employees etc. and integrate all the activities of the project to ensure that everything is as per the project management plan. The officials included in this team are:

  • Vice President, Project Management
  • Chief Executive Officer, Project Management
  • Executive Administrator
  • Project Management Director
  • Associate Director, Project Management
  • Project Management Coordinator
  • Project Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Project Management Associate

Monitoring and Controlling Related Job Titles in Project Management

The officials included in the monitoring and control team have to perform the processes or activities with the purpose of observing the plan execution. They have to monitor the ongoing project activities and the various project variables so as to identify any problems before hand and derive corrective measures. The main motive is to carry on constant monitoring to identify deviations from the plan and correct them.

  • Project Services Manager
  • Analyst, Principal Project Control (Cost Engineer)
  • Analyst, Principal Project Control
  • Senior Project Control Engineer
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Control Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Assurance Engineer
  • Project Services Supervisor

Closing Related Job Titles in Project Management

Closing team includes the officials who work at the administrative level and hence carry on the administrative activities. They have to formalize the closing of the project by making all the required documentations and complete/ close all the contracts in reference to the project.

  • Project Manager, Customer Service
  • Document Controller
  • Reporting Coordinator
  • Senior Document Controller
  • Contract Manager

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