Product Management Job Titles

By | August 6, 2012

Product management encompasses all the functions to be performed by or within an organization with reference to a product. The said functions refer to each and every step/ operation which is somehow connected to the respective product i.e. from conceiving the idea of the product to the point of marketing it to the intended customers. In other words it is the organizational cycle within a company that deals with the forecasting, planning, establishing and marketing etc. of the product.

Product management has many operations, functions and roles generally all with the object of maximizing sales and the revenue, market share and the profit margins of the company. Product Management includes all the stages that form the life cycle of any product. Though involved with the whole of the life cycle of the product, generally the main focus of product management is on the development of new products and the marketing of the existing ones.

The functions and roles of the product management differ from company to company depending on the size, history and type etc. As evident, it is vast in nature and hence there are included in product management a large number of official position / job titles. These job titles can be sub grouped into categories or departments depending on a number of factors such as the functions or purpose etc. Listed below are the various titles in the product management and they have been grouped into appropriate sub departments.

Product and Market Research job titles

Research department is the segment which deals with all the aspects of the product management which need proper research. For example there must be proper market research to check for the scope of a product, or research for the potential of the product in reference to customer preferences etc. All these functions make for the special research and development segment of any business organization.

  • Research Manager
  • Senior Researcher
  • Assistant/ Junior Researcher
  • Product Research Assistant
  • Product Research Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Market Research Assistant
  • Research Consultant
  • Research Coordinator
  • Research Associate

Product Definition and Design job titles

After the idea of a product is conceived there is need to convert the idea into something quantitative and qualitative. At this point the product definition and design departments comes to fore. The individuals in this department prepare the design of the product in keeping with all the other management and market issues.

  • Product Setup Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Product Functional Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Product Design Consultant
  • Manager, Product Definition and Design

Product Management job titles

This is the department which is responsible for binding together all the departments or segments involved in the product management. The officials in this department are the ones that lead all the cross functional teams i.e. the engineers, designers, the sales, marketing and development teams etc. The positions in this department include:

  • Vice President, Product Management
  • Product Management Director
  • Product Management Coordinator
  • Product Management Consultant
  • General Manager , Product Management
  • Manger , Product Management
  • Associate Product Management

Product Marketing and Evangelizing job titles

Product evangelizing refers to the functions which involve communicating the benefits, uses, purpose and features etc of the respective product to the external audience i.e. the customers, the press, the critics/ analysts etc. This function goes hand in hand with the product marketing. Product marketing includes all the activities/ functions in creating awareness and spreading the knowledge about the product.

  • VP Marketing and Communications
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Sales Manager
  • Marketing Research Consultant

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