Oracle Consulting Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

Oracle is a computer technology company that develops and sells hardware and software products to meet the technical and business needs of organizations. They specialize in areas like the development of database management systems, enterprise solutions software, customer relationship management software and supply chain management software. These systems mentioned alone are the most important requirements of any organization and are necessary for the smooth functioning of their operations, boosting productivity and reducing time and money. The consultants working at Oracle meet the clients, discuss their needs and goals and come up with solutions that meets these goals.

Oracle Consulting is one of the many services provided by the company where a group of Oracle-certified professionals work by sharing their skills, expertise, service and recommendations of what products and applications are to be used. These consultants get rigorous training and have to clear exams which gives them the knowledge of the latest type of product to be implemented, which solution will increase productivity and reduce time and how to manage product integration successfully.

There are many areas of consulting provided by Oracle and here are the most popular ones, along with the job titles in the respective fields:

Technology Consulting Job Titles:

This is the core of Oracle’s technology solutions where the consultants help the client to find out how they can utilize the company’s technology platform and get better results in the form of reducing costs and operational inefficiencies and securing the important information. The various types of technology services provided by the company are related to grid computing, business intelligence software and service-oriented architecture. The job profiles in this section are:

  • Oracle Consultant
  • Oracle Senior Consultant
  • Oracle Applications Consultant
  • Oracle Principal Applications
  • Technical Consultant, Oracle Applications
  • Functional Consultant, Oracle Applications
  • Programming Consultant, Oracle Applications

Cloud Computing Consulting Job Titles:

These consultants provide services and recommend products to build a cloud computing environment for a company’s business, thereby improving the speed of you work, making it more flexible and reduce costs. It will lead to a shared platform and infrastructure and reduce risks. The different types of positions in this field are as follows.

  • Oracle Cloud Computing Architect
  • Oracle Cloud Computing Network Advisor
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing Consultant
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Senior Cloud Computing Architect
  • Senior Solutions Architect-Cloud Computing

Engineered Systems Consulting Job Titles:

These consulting services deal with the implementation of various IT processes, technology solutions and applications to analyze, plan and assist the business of a company and meeting its business needs. Here are a few job titles that these professionals hold:

  • Oracle Software Consultant
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • Oracle CRM Senior Associate
  • Oracle EBS Financials Senior Associate
  • Senior Oracle Systems Engineer
  • Oracle CRM Specialist

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Job Titles:

These professionals are experts in implementing applications that help clients to maximize their business value by providing practical architecture consultancy on how to make their business a functioning reality. They use methods, practices, hardware, software and their services to develop sustainable enterprise architectures to help projects. Some common job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Oracle Enterprise IT Architect
  • Oracle Senior IT Middleware Architect
  • Oracle ERP Technical Architect
  • Oracle CRM Technical Architect Manager
  • Senior Applications Architect
  • Enterprise Analytical Architect

Application Services Consulting Job Titles:

These solutions are the most commonly used by companies which want help for improving their productivity or tackling specific business operations. The software application services provided by the Oracle consultants can be applied to both small or big projects after listening to the needs of the clients. Some common job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Oracle Application Consultant
  • Oracle Functional Consultant
  • Senior Oracle Application Consultant
  • Oracle Application Database Consultant
  • Oracle Apps Developer

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