Nursing Management Job Titles

By | September 27, 2012

A nursing manager’s job involves maintaining the contact with individuals at all levels of the nursing facility for coordinating the patient services. The job also entails working with doctors for properly planning the activities of the healthcare facilities towards more efficient patient care. The nursing manager also processes paperwork that includes department budgets, medical records of patients, and disciplinary actions against errant employees.

The nursing management job title includes handling of operations and staffing of individual units in the hospital or healthcare facility. Some of these units include departments like intensive care unit, emergency room, radiology etc.

The nurses’ manager would assign the correct staff to each department or unit. Nursing plans for the patients in all units are often developed by the nursing manager. He coordinates the efforts of nursing teams with every concerned personnel in the department or unit. The exact nursing plan for patients is often developed by the nursing manager.

Manager (nursing) job titles

A manager (nursing) is the often the main contact between the healthcare facility and the patient party. When doctors remain busy attending to various patients, the nursing manager remains in touch with the patient side. He also handles the budgeting for her department and unit.

This involves tracking the monthly expenditure figures as well as determining the need of medical equipment and supplies. This also involves evaluating new equipment and products of the healthcare facility. He reports to the meetings of department managers for sharing information and ideas. Some typical job titles under this head are as follows:

  • Nurse manager (registered nurse)
  • Assistant nurse manager
  • Nurse mentor
  • Registered nurse case manager
  • Nurse coordinator (registered nurses)
  • Nurse manager (surgical services)
  • New patient coordinator
  • Manager (utilization review)
  • Nursing practitioner manager
  • Field nurse case manager
  • Telephonic nurse manager
  • Manager (operations room)
  • Assistant (emergency services)
  • Manager (acute care services)
  • Manager (critical surgery)

Nursing supervisor job titles

Staff nurse supervisors are usually experienced medical professionals entrusted with a more supervisory role in healthcare centers and hospitals. They are given the charge of a particular unit or a ward and they supervise the members of the nursing staff. Supervisors can have several nurses under their aegis.

They often directly undertake patient care in specialist units like intensive care, neonatal etc. The supervisors assist doctors in medical procedures, patient care, ensuring patient comfort and privacy etc. They also often supervise the release of patients. Here are some common job titles in this profile:

  • Staff supervisor (in-patient floor)
  • Home care clinical manager
  • Clinical nurse supervisor (open house)
  • Nursing supervisor (emergency and outpatient)
  • Supervisor (surgical services assistance)
  • Registered nurse case manager
  • Supervising nurse (international incoming patients)
  • Telephone nurse supervisor

Head (nursing services) job titles

The head of nursing services is vital to the success of the healthcare facility or hospital. Head nurses are usually assigned specific departments and they are senior supervisors to the nursing staff. They designate duties to the facility’s nursing staff.

They are often in charge of placing a department’s nursing staff requirements to the management. They also train newly recruited nurses. The head of nursing services work directly with the patients. They ensure stability of nursing conditions to critical patients. The usual job titles in this segment are as follows:

  • Divisional head (nursing)
  • Director of nursing
  • Head of resident services
  • Head of patient care services
  • Assistant manager of nursing services
  • Manager (rehabilitation)
  • Director of medical records and patient services
  • Head (emergency nursing)
  • Head nurse (surgical ward)
  • Unit manager (nursing services)

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