Network Management Job Titles

By | September 27, 2012

Networking is a domain in computer technology that’s used for moving information from one computer terminal to another so that the information could be utilized by many individuals at various locations.

The moving of the information is generally carried out with the help of wires like fiber optic cables and also via wireless with signals transmitted in the air. Companies that need to implement, maintain, design or execute a computer network system, hire network management professionals.

The network manager is responsible for the maintenance of the computer network of a particular company or organization. He has to execute all the basic functions of a manager that includes recruiting, training, allotting duties, evaluating and promoting employees.

The network manager is also responsible for a long term planning for developing the company’s network system. The most important tasks that network management job titles entail involve monitoring, troubleshooting, deleting and adding users to the network and adding new servers. They also oversee the installation and uninstallation of software.

Network engineer job titles

Network engineers are entrusted to install, maintain and support computer networks inside an organization or between two organizations. Their aim is to ensure a smooth running of the communication networks so as to give the highest performance and availability to the users.

A network engineer may work as a part of an organization or deployed at the client site as a representative by a consultancy firm. Here are some job titles under this profile. The exact titles could vary between companies.

  • Network engineering manager
  • Systems engineer
  • Network intrusion detector
  • Voice engineer
  • Storage area network engineer
  • Driver developer
  • Pres-sales network engineer
  • Senior VOIP architect
  • Information security manager
  • Infrastructure engineer (financial services)
  • Engineering network product developer
  • Systems architect
  • Network contract manager
  • Network accounts engineer

Network administrator job titles

Network administration is mostly a supervisory title that includes supporting, designing, evaluating and maintaining computer networks as also the telecommunications systems of a company.

They install, configure and maintain virtual computer and physical servers. They also maintain employee networks, card key access accounts and perform additional duties. They also often impart training to groups of newly recruited network engineers. Following are some typical job titles under this head:

  • Systems manager
  • Systems administrator
  • Senior training coordinator
  • Training administrator
  • Computer systems manager
  • IT security analyst
  • Administrator (operations)
  • Data centre infrastructure manager
  • Platform and server administrator
  • Database supervisor
  • IT technical support officer
  • Technical administrator
  • Administrator (system integration)
  • Windows server administrator (document managing)
  • Graduate systems administrator
  • IT supervisor

Network manager job titles

The network manager is entrusted with the overall management of the network system and is often the final say with regard to maintenance of a company’s IT network. The primary tasks include designating networking personnel to their respective job sites, giving technical help, monitor system use, set user accounts and manage backup.

The network manager is also in charge of disaster recovery plans for minimizing disruptions to business networks in the event of a breakdown. Depending upon the size of the organization, the network manager may or may not be asked to be part of the core management. Here are some common job titles in this segment:

  • Chief network controller
  • Network manager (specialized circuits)
  • Network support and systems manager
  • Infrastructure manager (joint networking projects)
  • Senior network manager
  • Network analyst
  • Construction manager (wireless systems and telecom)
  • Project manager
  • Site acquisition manager (telecommunications)
  • Manager (integrated networks)
  • Senior network construction coordinator
  • Manager (technical facilities and human resource)

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