Medical Research Job Titles

By | October 11, 2012

Medical research officers study diseases and various other physical conditions that affect people, so as to improve the methods of treatment, or lessen incidence of life-threatening and other diseases. Via medical research, new medicines, drugs, treatment protocols, vaccines etc. are developed and the connection between certain diseases and their barriers are identified.

Medical research professionals usually work at research laboratories at government establishments, hospitals, clinical research facilities, universities and pharmaceutical companies. They usually require a graduate level education. They are often deployed in long term research projects.

The responsibilities involved in the medical research job titles could vary between projects. Medical research professionals are often engaged in examining the biological systems for determining the factors that lead up to the disease as well as other physical conditions.

The researcher, by unearthing the cause of the disease, is able to formulate the plans of treatment as well as the drug therapies. The researcher usually examines the therapies by executing clinical trials. They administer the treatment or the new drug to patients for monitoring their response. For determining the results, the medical researcher usually takes a blood sample, removes the tissue samples and carries out other clinical procedures and tests.

The researchers use the clinical trial results for making minor or major adjustments to the drug doses and the treatment protocols involved that lessen the side effects or boost effectiveness. Besides, the medical researchers could write various technical articles about their experiments and findings and also teach students at universities and medical colleges.

The medical research job titles are known to vary extensively within the domain itself. The titles under medical research jobs include the following:

Medical research faculty job titles

The primary job of a medical research faculty is to engage in clinical experiments and at the same time imparting knowledge about the experiments to students for the furthering of medical science. The medical research faculty performs teaching, patient care, research and other guidance duties.

Responsibilities involved in these job titles can often include program related or committee assignments. He also performs various supervisory, administrative and other functions as delegated from time to time. Here are some typical job titles in this category. Usually the domain where the expertise is required

  • Full or associate professor
  • Lecturer on dermatology
  • Academia (family practice)
  • Assistant researcher (family medicine)
  • Program director for family medicine
  • Family medicine and general faculty
  • Academic family medicine hospitalist
  • Director of clinical research and experiments
  • Professor in geriatrics and gerontology
  • Academic geriatrician

Biotechnology and research job titles

The biotechnology researchers help biologists in studying the ways that medical practices as well as the pharmaceutical company can utilize. The biotech researchers often focus in executing research in a specific field of biotechnology, like pharmaceuticals, cloning and DNA, agriculture and medicine. Some of the job titles that typically exist under this head include the following:

  • Clinical project lead
  • Clinical research coordinator
  • Research project coordinator
  • Clinical research team lead
  • Research dosimetrist
  • Regulatory specialist (clinical research)
  • Clinical manager (coordination and execution)
  • Clinical program manager

Nutritionist and dietetics research job titles

Nutritionists and dieticians provide nutritional counseling to individuals when referred by doctors as part of clinical treatment plans. They also give advice on nutrition and dietetics to groups of patients, develop and implement new nutrition programs and services depending upon the patient’s needs. The typical jobs under this profile are as follows:

  • Director (food and services)
  • Dietician (clinical)
  • Assistant director (patient services)
  • Lead dietetics manager
  • Manager of medical nutrition therapy
  •  Assistant director, nutrition services

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