Medical Office Job Titles

By | October 11, 2012

The medical officer is responsible for managing several aspects of a healthcare center or facility. He performs the quality assurance assessment of services inside the domain of the healthcare system.

He can work both in a hospital as well as a private doctor’s clinic, residential home or other treatment facilities. The medical office job title is also known as the health services officer, health business manager and health services administrator.

The medical officer usually examines the quality of the healthcare system via procedures of quality assurance and internal audit involving logistical, financial and patent services and health systems management.

The medical officer prepares various reports on these modules for developing or furthering the business or administrative system for improving the healthcare quality extended to patients. From the budget standpoint, the medical officer can help in review of the budget of a healthcare facility, highlighting certain programs that could require reduction or expansion of the funding and also identifying possible sources of funding.

The medical officer meets with the medical staff like the nurses, doctors and practitioner for discussing policies and procedures and the performance related issues. There could be times when the officer directly interacts with the patients with regard to the quality of healthcare received by them and address patients concerns about the treatment.

A chief medical officer could examine special business issues that involve complex medical expansions and real property. The medical officers play a key role in the running of the healthcare organization. He is often the reporting officer in a hospital and acts as a liaison between the hospital and the authorities.

Medical research officer job titles

The work of a medical research officer’s job involves discovering new methods to improve the quality of human health. The final results of these research and procedures leads to coming up with updated treatment options, vaccines and drugs. Medical research officers carry out research on the specimen like viruses and bacteria and then regularly perform clinical investigations, reviews etc. They also write technical reports. Following are the popular job titles in this segment:

  • Clinical researcher oncology and hematology
  • Senior academician gastroenterology
  • Biotechnology research assistant
  • Senior researcher in neurology
  • Assistant fact finder in internal medicine
  • Research assistant in rheumatology
  • Researcher of pediatrics
  • Fellow in gynecological and obstetrics

Medical administrative officer job titles

The medial administrator works towards maintaining the business aspect of the hospital or a nursing home. He oversees each department, with help from the secretaries and various other employees. All those in the administrative department have to understand the working of a medical facility and be able to balance healthcare services with business standards and efficiency. The typical job titles under this title are:

  • Deputy manager (operations)
  • Vice president (management)
  • Administrative director
  • Clinical department manager
  • Business analyst
  • Contracts administrator
  • Assistant administrator
  • Office and general manager
  • Public relations officer
  • Vice president (human resource)

Allied health service officer job titles

These professionals work with the senior medical officers to formulate and direct the healthcare fraternity. They can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and also in the doctor’s office. They focus on those services that are necessary for the organization to run smoothly. They also often include technical people. They are often vital support staff of various departments of a hospital. Here are the common job titles under this category:

  • Senior manager laboratory operations
  • Echo technologist
  • Diagnostic imaging supervisor
  • Interventional radiologist
  • Director, imaging services
  • Diagnostic imaging manager
  • Radiology supervisor
  • Ultrasound technician
  • Medical physicist
  • Echo/vascular technician



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