Medical Billing Job Titles

By | October 11, 2012

Medical billing professionals are very vital professionals in a healthcare facility. It’s often said that a healthcare organization can’t stay in business without a good billing assistant or clerk. These professionals, traditionally, are either trained while on the job or by medical coders who conduct both billing and coding. But there’s a shortage of billing coders in the healthcare industry that has fuelled the need for skilled billing assistants and managers. Employers are constantly on the lookout for professionals who are aware of at least the basic billing procedures.

A medical billing specialist has several responsibilities entrusted upon him. He takes the data provided by medical coders and then uses it for compiling and submitting claims to the insurance companies. The bills must be subsequently placed to the patients. While the daily responsibilities of the employee is likely to vary between organizations, the medical billing staff works directly with the various insurance companies and healthcare service providers for settling claims of a patient.

Besides, he reviews and appeals denied and unpaid claims, verifies the patient’s total insurance coverage, answers questions from the patient party regarding billing and also handles the collections of unpaid account. The medical billing staff is also responsible for managing the accounts receivable reports.

Medical billing specialists are employed in almost every healthcare facility that includes hospitals, nursing homes, skilled facilities, home health agencies and others. Medical billing job titles comprise an exhaustive array of functions.

Medical billing specialist job titles

Medical bill specialists are employed in most of the healthcare facilities. These include skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, doctors’ offices and various other medical establishments. They are also recruited by medical insurance companies and organizations that specialize in outsourced medical billing. Here are some of the job titles of medical billing representative. Though exact titles may vary, the job responsibilities almost remain the same.

  • Medical billing coding specialist
  • Charge entry, medical billing services
  • Billing collector
  • Billing associate manager
  • Specialist in precision and billing practice management
  • Billing assistant
  • Project manager (billing and coding)
  • Accounts receivable specialist
  • Senior manager, accounts receivable.
  • Medicine clerk

Medical coding manager job titles

Medical coding is another important process of medical billing functions. A medical coder is an indispensable professional in the health information industry. He is responsible for the input of appropriate code in various medicine services so that healthcare service providers can receive the appropriate remuneration for the services rendered. The specific codes assigned are used for establishing the amount of remuneration to be reimbursed. Following are the likely job titles under this segment.

  • Certified professional coder
  • Clinical coder
  • Senior medical adviser
  • Affairs and compliance manager
  • Development adviser
  • Medical information officer
  • Senior medical affairs associate
  • Reception administrator
  • Project officer, coding and billing

Patient account representative/manager job titles

Several healthcare facilities rely upon the services of a patient account representative for collecting payments from customers following the rendering of services. These professionals, again, are usually recruited by clinics and hospitals that render healthcare functions.

The account manager or representative assists the patient in understanding the cost of services. They are also often knows as patient billing clerks. He also communicates with the patient’s insurance company for ensuring the payment. Following are the typical job titles coming under this portfolio.

  • Assistant patient accounts supervisor
  • Collections clerk patient accounting
  • Patient accounting specialist
  • Accounts representative
  • Billing system representative
  • Business services clerk
  • Cash and adjustment manager
  • Senior patient accounting analyst
  • Revenue cycle specialist
  • Finance counselor, patient billing
  • Insurance verification representative

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