Medical Assistant Job Titles

By | October 11, 2012

Medical assistants usually have a large scope and knowledge and are thus valuable members of a healthcare team. Such a professional mostly performs both clinical and administrative duties under the directions of a physician. He is responsible for maintenance of the medical facility, be it a hospital, a nursing home or any other healthcare establishment.

Medical assistant job titles include various duties. A professional in this domain has to perform several routine clinical and administrative duties for keeping the offices of the doctors and other healthcare practitioners running smoothly. The duties of a medical assistant while varying between organizations, remains broadly identical. It, however, often depends on the size, location and the volume of patients visiting a facility.

As already said, besides helping doctors, a medical assistant has to perform several office duties, a large part of which comprises administrative functions. These include greeting patients when they arrive at the facility, answering telephone calls, updating and maintaining medical record of patients, filling out the insurance forms, handling of correspondences, scheduling appointments, handling bookkeeping and billing functions, arranging hospital admission for incoming patients and helping in laboratory services.

Clinical duties of a medical assistant, on the other hand, often vary as per the existing government laws. Such duties are likely to include taking of medical histories of a patient as also recording the vital signs and symptoms, explaining the procedure of treatment to the patients, preparing them for physical examinations or laboratory tests and assisting the doctors and surgeons during the examination.

A medical assistant also collects and prepares laboratory specimens and carries out basic lab tests on the hospital premises. They are often entrusted with the responsibility of supervising the disposal of medical wastes and used instruments in the most eco-friendly measure possible. They may also be asked for arranging examining room equipment and instruments and the maintenance and purchase of medical equipment and supplies as well as keeping the examination and the waiting rooms clean and tidy.

Certified medical assistant job titles

A certified medical assistant is a multi-skilled practitioner who executes a variety of roles in the doctor’s office. He is a vital functionary in the healthcare discharge chain. The typical jobs under this profile are as follows:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Operations manager
  • Deputy manager
  • Medical review auditor
  • Healthcare assistant
  • Front desk assistant
  • Medical coding support staffer

Administrative medical assistant job titles

The administrative medical assistant is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of a clinical setup. They deal with patients, file medical records and carry out the role of more an assistant to the administration. Typical job titles under this head include the following:

  • Healthcare assistant
  • Healthcare support worker
  • Laboratory technician
  • Laboratory technical assistant
  • Medical laboratory assistant
  • Deputy healthcare manager
  • Clinical systems assistant
  • Laboratory administrator
  • Clinical systems assistant
  • Research associate
  • Clinical trials pharmacy technician
  • Personal assistant to department head
  • Assistant service manager
  • Centre support assistant manager
  • Medicines manager
  • Nursing assistant
  • Medical laboratory support assistant
  • Medical receptionist

Medical office assistant job titles

The medical office assistant job title entails providing administrative assistance to office staff of a healthcare facility. The job involves the handling of coding and billing, and handling the electronic medical records. He is often an important functionary, especially at the back-office of the organization. Common job profiles under this head include the following:

  • Manager, accounts receivable
  • Clinical administrative coordinator
  • Project coordinator, medical logistics
  • Administrative and back office assistant
  • Office associate (admission and discharge)
  • Medical office coordinator
  • Manager (accounts receivable)

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