Medical Administration Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Medical administration encompasses the jobs of taking care of day to day administration of a medical organization for its smooth running and to take care of the various needs, requirements and medical amenities required for the patients admitted. The concerned job ranges from overseeing the basic medical requirements to supervision of the human resources and recruitments of organization. The medical administrators help in implementing scientific research and guide medical students in helping them expertise in the field of medical sciences.

They play a vital role in the smooth coordination between the governing boards, physicians and medical staff of the organization. Although the medical administrators do not require contacting with the patients directly, they do make it a point to make sure that the facilities provided to the patient are flawless, clean and up to the mark. Upgrading the medical equipments required in the hospital to better and more technologically advanced counterparts also comes under the realm of medical administrators.

Accounts Administration titles:

From delivering patients bills and invoices to making payments to doctors is the chief job of accounts administrators. From keeping a tab on all expenditure made at the hospital to the cost of the newest medical apparatus needed at the hospital are all works of the accounts administration department. Being the backbone of medical administration, this sector is one of the most responsible segments of administration. The various accounts administration titles are:

    Account Executive

    Account Manager

    Accountant

    Billing Manager

    Billing Specialist

    Chief Financial Officer

    Claims Examiner

  •    Financial Analyst

Research coordinator and surgical administration job titles:


Research coordinators and surgical administrators are basically the group of experts who help and educate medical students in completing their research work and take care and maintenance of surgical equipments respectively. Job categories in this segment include:

    Administrative Medical Assistant

    Clinical Research Associate

    Clinical Research Coordinator

    Clinical Specialist Coordinator

    Emergency Medical Technician

    Executive Assistant -Medical Office Specialist

    Medical Technician

    Medical Technologist

    Medical Transcriptions

    Pharmacy Technician

    Supply Technician

    Surgical Technologist

Specialized Administration job titles:

The administrative heads of various subjects of specialization form this group. They consist of the most top notch experienced and educated employees who head the various facilities offered by the organization to its patients for the smooth running of the concerned departments and the organization as a whole. The subdivisions in this category are:

  •    Administrative Medical Assistant

    Certified Medical Assistant

    Certified Nurse Assistant

    Certified Nursing Assistant

    Certified Pharmacy Technician

    Dental Hygienist

    Director of Nursing

    Director of Operations

    Director of Rehabilitation

    Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare Management

    Home Health Aide

    Hospice Administrator

-Medical Administrative

-Nursing Home Administrator

    Project Manager

    Registered Medical Assistant

    Registered Nurse (Senior Programmer Analyst)

Sales and HR job titles:

The sales team looks after the sales and advertising of the organization for maximum benefit and the HR team helps in recruitment by selecting the best professionals available in the market for better service to patients. Following are the various roles which come under this section:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Executive HR Director
  • Medical HR Assistant
  • Patient Care Associate
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Staffing Coordinator

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