Mechanical Engineering Technologist Job Titles

By | November 5, 2012

The role of mechanical engineering technologists is to assist the mechanical engineers in the process of designing, using mathematical, physical, industrial and technological principles, industrial and mechanical devices. In other words, mechanical engineering technologists work under the supervision and guidance of a qualified and professional mechanical engineer.

Biomechanics, new materials, machines and so on are the chief products which a mechanical engineering technologist works with, and they can also be assisted as research assistants to scientists involved in the field of mechanical engineering. Industrial design is also a field in which mechanical engineering technologists find employment. There are many variants in this particular field and this can be gauged from the number of job titles under the broad term of mechanical engineering technologist.

Most of the job titles under this term coincide with other within the field, as their basic principles often overlap. Hence, manufacturing process engineering technology not only forms a category of its own, it also finds a place under mechatronics engineering. Therefore complete and distinct separation of these job titles is not possible, and it is with recognition of this overlapping nature that the job titles under the umbrella term of mechanical engineering have been mentioned below

Manufacturing Process Engineering Technologist Job Titles:

This field of mechanical engineering technology combines the principles of industrial design with the foundational aspects of mechanical engineering. Therefore a manufacturing process engineering technologist is associated with planning, setting up, and controlling integrated systems.

This involves considerable amount of merging of computational skills with the basic tenets of manufacturing processes as well. The job titles under this category of manufacturing process engineering technologist include:

  • Process engineering technician
  • Manufacturing engineering technician
  • CNC programmer
  • Robotics and Material-handling technician
  • Continuous improvement technician
  • Quality assurance technician
  • Process operations technician

Technical Communications Technologist Job Titles:

Technical communications is a very integral part of mechanical engineering, in the sense that the product designed or created will have to have some kind of technical documentation which will make its uses clear to a select audience. Technical writers are not qualified engineers but assistants and technologists.

The job of such individuals, within the larger subset of mechanical engineering technology, is to crate blueprints, online help, white papers, manuals and so on. This kind of technical writing too has many variants under various job titles, like:

  • Collaborative editing technicians
  • Software documentation technician
  • Technical communications technician
  • Technical writing

Project Management Engineering Technologist:

This, though related to a number of other fields of engineering, is equally applicable for a mechanical engineering technologist. Such an individual assists the guide or superior in conducting fieldwork, determining or conceptualizing the project of mechanical engineering, and taking steps to assist its fruition within the stipulated budget.

This is an all-encompassing field which involves time, quality, budget and project operations, and the assistant in this area can be specialized in any one or more of the following job titles:

  • Project management engineering technicians
  • Regulatory compliance engineering technicians
  • Design services engineering technicians

Mechatronics Engineering Technician Job Titles:

This is a separate field altogether but mechatronics has a large chunk of mechanical engineering involved, along with other streams like computer engineering, electronics engineering, control engineering and so on.

The technicians involved in working under a mechatronics engineer must be qualified for the task, and perform roles of machine vision, computer aided design, servo mechanics and apply all of these functions onto the larger discipline of mechanical engineering. Job titles include:

  • Microcontroller technicians
  • Automation technicians
  • Automotive engineering technician
  • Mechanical systems design technicians
  • Manufacturing systems technicians

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