Marketing Strategy Job Titles

By | October 18, 2012

A marketing strategist handles the promotional activities of a company or an organization. The marketing strategist scours creative ways for spreading a word about the company, its products and services. These professional works in a diverse range of industries for overseeing all things from creating the taglines and logos of the business for helping the company profit.

The marketing strategist aims to input a positive spin into their company. They are always on the lookout for ways for promoting the brand through several platforms. These include broadcast and print media publicity, or press releases distributed via the media. They also oversee that the company’s website and the email marketing campaigns are serving their intended purpose.

Besides these aspects of the job, a marketing strategist keeps a close watch on current trends as also the competition in the market. This is to assist their own efforts in brand building. Towards this end, the marketing strategist manages and is usually in charge of his employees. He hires, trains, motivates and organizes his staff. The marketing strategy job titles, while often varying according to industries, usually involves identical functions.

The strategic marketing manager has to be organized, energetic and innovative. They must be properly motivated and have excellent communication skills. This includes both verbal and written skills. Most such professionals must have a thorough understanding of the graphic design methods as well as other methods of advertising and promotions. In most cases, strategic marketing managers should possess an in-depth knowledge of computer programs as well as software related to the industry. If they have to manage staff, they must have the basic leadership skills.

Senior marketing strategy developer job titles

The senior marketing strategy developer confers with the various departmental staff or heads for discussing topics like contracts, selecting the advertising media and the product that has to be advertised. He also has to read various professional literatures and trade journals for being informed on the innovations, trends and other changes that go on to affect media planning. Following are the common job titles that come under the present job profile.

  • Marketing operations manager
  • Corporate marketing strategist
  • Senior marketing strategy manager
  • General manager (marketing and pricing)
  • Project manager (marketing)
  • Global marketing planner
  • Senior strategy planner
  • Product marketing manager
  • Vice president (marketing strategy)
  • Director of innovations
  • Analytics manager
  • Initiative sales manager
  • Senior strategy consultant
  • Director of marketing strategy

Brand marketing manager job titles

The brand marketing manager is a key designation in an organization who designs road maps and product strategies. The manager researches and determines the product weaknesses and the areas that need modification, develop collaterals and sales tools, develop effective merchandise positioning in markets, conducting strategic analyses, consumer insight development and consumer segmentation.

As a key functionary in the brand publicity and development segment of an organization, the brand marketing strategist inspects advertising copies and layouts, video and audio tapes and various other publicity and promotional materials for their due adherence to the laid down specifications. He also plans and prepares the promotional and advertising material for increasing the sales of the organization’s product and services.

Following are the broad job heads under this job profile.

  • Manager, brand and accounts
  • Key accounts manager
  • Brand marketing associate
  • Account acquisition manager
  • Product manager
  • Group brand manager
  • Media and promotions planner
  • Assistant manager (circulations)
  • Area sales manager
  • Premier account acquisition manager
  • Senior manager, promotions and publicity
  • Assistant manager, marketing
  • Business development manager
  • Merchandising manager
  • Regional brand manager
  • National brand director



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