Marketing Specialist Job Titles

By | October 18, 2012

The marketing specialist is a key functionary in devising marketing methods for a company. He has to carefully consider all the available options for marketing and determines the best option for a particular product. The marketing specialist assists with the writing, development and communications of the marketing plans, creative briefs, promotional recaps, presentations and project recommendations.

A key job of the marketing specialist involves outlining the workflow processes for increasing the efficiency of the marketing department and producing related analytic reports on campaigns as required. He ensures that all the locally developed creative marketing components undergo the brand review activities and also conforms to the strict brand guidelines. A major task of the marketing specialist is to work effectively as a constituent of the multi-disciplinary communications and marketing team for coordinating, communicating, integrating communications and marketing, and also applying the best-in-class practices for all efforts.

The work of the marketing specialist doesn’t end at that. He develops opportunities for adding an additional value to various other department initiatives including direct marketing, indirect marketing, internet marketing, tradeshow development etc. the job titles in the marketing specialist domain often varies as per individual industries, though the core function mostly remains the same.

Direct marketing specialist job titles

Direct marketing specialists involve themselves in all such endeavors of the company. He assists the branch offices with sales and sales-related functions. The jobs titles under this category are as follows:

  • Senior direct marketing specialist
  • Communications specialist
  • Senior specialist (direct), marketing
  • Proposal specialist
  • Membership marketing specialist
  • Community relations specialist
  • Senior sales engineer
  • Channel marketing specialist
  • Interactive marketing specialist
  • Regional sales manager
  • Accounts manager
  • Product manager
  • Senior client service manager
  • Outside sales account manager

Online (internet) marketing specialist job titles

Internet marketing has become one of the leading ways of marketing products and services. It continues to find newer ways for entering our lives. Many people across the world watch live TV, manage their finances and at the same time communicate with their friends and family online. The smartphones of today cede instant internet connectivity almost anywhere. Internet marketing specialists are increasingly finding demand for developing relevant and quality online content. Following are various types of job titles under this profile:

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Online specialist
  • Senior internet marketing strategist
  • Digital media strategic advisor
  • Marketing programmer
  • SEO sales executive
  • Senior website promoter
  • Senior content developer
  • Marketing communicators
  • Lead generation supervisor
  • Social media marketer
  • Client services specialist
  • Deputy manager (business development)
  • Senior vice president (direct sales)

Indirect marketing specialist job titles

These involve activities like providing the best practices and feedback of to the direct marketing teams on a regular basis, analyzing competitive and marketing data and consolidating the findings for supporting alternative marketing strategies, demonstrating success supervision as well as maintaining the marketing , programs, plans, initiatives etc.

Other important functions of the indirect marketing specialist involves developing a lead nurturing programming strategy and monitoring the ongoing campaigns, collaborating with the regional marketing teams for identifying opportunities for developing the lead nurture pathways, monitoring all processes and implementing improvements for enhancing the marketing productivity, assisting in the theme and content development for several projects, and working with the direct marketing vendor for managing databases. Besides these major functions two other mentionable responsibilities include reviewing the different marketing materials and making the recommended edits and assisting field sales people with the marketing project requests.

  • Promotional data analyst
  • Senior manager indirect sales
  • Deputy general manager
  • Operations executive, indirect sales
  • Consultant manager

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