Marketing Designer Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

A marketing designer is someone who specializes in creating computer templates, images and other elements for a marketing publication or journal. He may work independently or may be part of the design team of a company. He is basically a graphic designer who uses various types of technical tools and software to create designs which will help the publication market or sell something. Their purpose is to convey the information through their designs, animation, art, photos and other design elements. They have to work closely with the sales and marketing department so that they can create promotional materials to be used like brochures, posters, logos, pamphlets, magazines, badges, bumper stickers, proposals and so on. They are thus directly responsible for planning and developing a style which will create the layout of the sales and marketing plan.

These marketing designers also work for websites and multimedia platforms and create images and animation with special effects, sound effects and also resize the images. Their goal is to ensure that the product’s and the company’s vision is clearly expressed to the consumers so that the sales of that product increases. Their designs must be attractive, it must follow the policies of the company and the text in the design must also be proofread before it is presented before the client and finalized for publication.

Here are a few job titles that one can choose from the field of marketing designing.

Print Media Marketing Designer Job Titles:

A print media marketing designer is a graphic designer who plans, creates and designs marketing materials to be published in the print media. He meets the client, understands his needs and requirements and then analyses the needs of the consumers. The goal of the marketing designer is to attract the target customer to the product by giving him information and making the product look favorable. He needs to create an impression on the customer by making the design stand out and so that there is a recall value. The design should remember the requirements, age, location, culture and purchasing power of the customer. The common job titles under this heading are:

  • Print Media Marketing Designer
  • Single Media Marketing Designer
  • Graphic Designer – Print media
  • Animation Marketing Manager
  • Senior Interactive / GUI Designer / UX Designer
  • Print Media Designer

Integrated or Multimedia Marketing Designer Job Titles:

Print media marketing campaigns are easy to handle but their accessibility can create problems because people may not pay attention to it or store it for later review. This affects the impact of the design as it is limited to a single media. Similarly, only online marketing designs will reach only those with access to computers and the internet and hence the best way to create a marketing impact on the minds of the consumers is to have an integrated or multimedia marketing design which will touch different senses of the individual and create a more lasting effect. There is also the prospect of repetition which reinforces the message in the minds of the consumers and creates more awareness of the product when multiple channels are used.

  • Integrated Graphic Designer
  • Integrated Marketing Assistant
  • Multimedia Marketing Designer
  • Animation Marketing Manager
  • Senior Interactive / GUI Designer / UX Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Graphic Designer – Marketing Coordinator

Online Marketing Designer Job Titles:

These marketing designing jobs are mainly focused only in the online platforms and hence use technical tools to create design templates, animation and images to give information to the consumers. Some major job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Online Marketing Assistant and Designer
  • Senior Online Marketing Designer
  • Graphic Designer – Web
  • Senior Web Designer
  • Graphics Designer and Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing and Design Intern
  • Geography Marketing Manager


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