Management Consulting Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

Management consulting is a field where a professional uses his knowledge, experience and skills to provide solutions to various management issues that an organization faces and thereby helps them to organize their employees better so that they can perform better. It is very important to have a strong management and allot responsibilities based on people’s abilities and skills so that they lead the others and motivate them to perform better. A management consultant hears the client’s goals, his financial and business targets and according helps his create a team of upper and lower level management that will help to lead all the employees or a particular team for a project.

They must also help identify what are the management problems, solve those problems and show how to avoid those problems in the future. This was hiring a management consultant can be cost-effective as he will be able to narrow down to the source of the problem, rather than the company wasting its precious resources in trying to find out how to solve the issue. A management consultant can also specialize in a particular field so that they can know more about that area and then accordingly they give their counsel.

Here are a few major management consulting areas and the job titles in the respective fields:

Financial Management Consulting Job Titles:

Financial managers are either hired by the company on a contract basis or work within the company and monitor the finances carefully to see if the company is making the right investment and spending decisions or not. Their job is to advise them on making use of their money in the right way so that the company does not incur losses. The most common job titles under this heading are:

  • Financial Management Consultant
  • Principle Financial Management Consultant
  • Accounting Management Consultant
  • Corporate Financial Expert
  • Financial Management Strategist
  • Financial Operations Consulting Manager
  • Financial Specialist
  • Financial Services Executive

Human Resources Management Consulting Job Titles:

The workforce of an organization is like its life force and without developing them the company will not be able to get good results. HR management consultants give advice on how to improve the performance of the most important resources of a company – the human resources. They analyze their performance, identify areas where they need to be trained and thereby contribute in improving the productivity of the company. The different types of positions in this field are as follows.

  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Senior Human Resources Consultant
  • Human Resources Consulting Manager
  • Performance Management Consultant
  • Chief Human Resources Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Chief Training Consultant

Healthcare Management Consulting Job Titles:

These individuals work specifically for the healthcare sector and give advice on how to manage their operations better. They also help to train the employees in various positions like billing, entering information, customer service and show how the productivity of the organization can be improved by coordinating among different departments. They also work for pharma and medical equipment companies. Here are a few job titles that these professionals hold:

  • Healthcare Product Development Consultant
  • Healthcare Management Consultant
  • Senior Healthcare Management Strategist
  • Healthcare Management Research Analyst
  • Healthcare Management Executive
  • Healthcare Professionals Management
  • Medical Consultant
  • Healthcare Staff Management Consultant
  • Quality Management Consultant

Technical Management Consulting Job Titles:

These individuals are experts who provide technical solutions to organizations on how to manage their business better by reducing work, time and increasing productivity. There are many aspects of running a business which are managed by computers and these professionals are proficient in the fields of information technology, hardware and software. Some common job titles in this category are as follows:

  • IT Management Consultant
  • Senior IT Management Consultant
  • Chief IT Management Consultant
  • Lead Software Management Consultant
  • Software Solutions Consultant

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