Job Titles for Vendor Management

By | November 5, 2013

A vendor manager is an individual who works as a middleman for a company and provides a bridge between the company and its suppliers. Vendor managers can either be employed by a company on a permanent basis or may work on contractual basis. There are many job duties and responsibilities of a vendor manager and some of them include managing contracts, doing financial analysis, managing relationships, providing client support and leading a team of vendor management executives.

Since the entire work profile of vendor management is wide and consists of many tasks and duties, it is broken down into several job titles which can be termed as job titles for vendor management.

Vendor management includes business analysis, financial management, procurement, product development, operations and outsourcing etc. based on these different duties, we have prepared a list of job titles for vendor management and put them into different categories.

Contract Management Job Titles for Vendor Management:

Contract management is a part of vendor management and it involves the formation and administration of contracts which outline the statement of work which the company has to follow as far as the contract with the client or supplier is alive. For this, individuals with strong knack for contract formation, legal terminology and dispute management skills are required. The following are some of the contract management job titles for vendor management:

  • Contract management specialist
  • Contract manager
  • Contract developer
  • Dispute manager
  • Commercial management
  • Commercial contract manager
  • Legal contract manager
  • Junior contract manager
  • Senior contract manager
  • Contract management clerk
  • Contract management assistant

Financial and Quantitative Analysis Job Titles for Vendor Management:

Every vendor management system needs certain employees who understand the financial implications and results of using resources to give training and to carry on vendor operations. These employees must have strong financial analysis skills and should be able to effectively manage all the costs incurred by this department. The job titles which fall within financial and quantitative analysis division of vendor management are given as follows:

  • Financial manager
  • Financial vendor manager
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Accounting manager
  • Financial and accounting manager
  • Business analyst for vendor management
  • Financial specialist

Relationship Management Job Titles for Vendor:

A vendor is a supplier of services and products to clients and customers and therefore it is important for every vendor management team or system to have individuals who can work to ensure full customer satisfaction and client satisfaction. This aspect of vendor management is called relationship management and consists of several job titles and positions. The major ones are given as follows:

  • Relationships manager
  • Customer service executive
  • Client manager
  • Business development manager
  • Sales person
  • Sales manager
  • Customer care executive
  • Troubleshooting manager
  • Sales representative

Other Job Titles for Vendor Management:

Apart from the above mentioned job titles for vendor management, there are many other positions which come under this category but may or may not exist in all organizations. Most of these positions are there only in larger business organizations which need a permanent vendor management department. The following are some of the other job titles for vendor management:

  • Performance manager
  • Senior vendor manager
  • Senior director of vendor management
  • Vendor management team leader
  • Vendor management administrator
  • Senior sales manager
  • Senior customer manager
  • Supply manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Vendor analyst
  • Procurement manager
  • Production analyst
  • Logistics manager
  • Risk manager
  • Clerk
  • Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Software manager
  • Quality manager
  • Brand manager
  • Purchasing manager

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