Job Titles for Technical Support

By | November 17, 2012

Technical support refers to a group of services that are provided as a means of assisting different users of products, mostly involving technology, such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, electronic goods and software products. Such services are provided in order to help clients and customers solve certain technical problems faced while handling the product.

This is not the same as providing customer support, training or customization. Most organizations provide this service for all the goods sold. This is generally a free service but some companies also charge a small fee. The technical support can be delivered through various means of communication such as over email, telephone or online forums. There are various job titles for technical support.

Many companies provide internal technical support for the employees of the company and this is especially relevant for computer related issues. Most users prefer acquiring this service through company websites online since these are freely available. However, for more complex problems, the technical support should be sought face-to-face. Those that charge fee for technical support are generally for premium services.

Software Technician Support Job Titles

This support is provided for basic customer problems. The technician needs to gather information from the customer with regards to the different problems concerning a particular product. There needs to be proper assessment and analysis of the symptoms related to the problem. The technician must provide different solutions and these should be stated in a simplistic way for the customer to handle it themselves. Since this is a basic level job, the technician need not personally deal with the problems at hand.

  • Technical Software Support Engineer
  • Field Technical Support Engineer
  • Software Technical Support Analyst
  • Software Technical Support Engineer
  • Senior Software Technical Support
  • Systems Technical Support

Hardware Technician Support Job Titles

These are advanced level job titles. The technician is required to personally handle the problems related to the product concerned. These jobs are generally related to computer or IT related products. There can be support provided through emails and telephone calls as well. There are also premium services provided for a certain fee.

This will be mentioned during the purchase of the product in question. All possible solutions need to be considered in order to ensure the problem is sorted. Various sub groups in this segment are:

  • Hardware technician
  • PC Technician Support
  • PC & Laptop support technician
  • Help Desk technician Support
  • Hardware Technician support
  • IT technician support

Internal Technical Support Job Titles

There are companies which require internal technical support. Various organizations have technical support departments which help other departments with technical problems. This is especially for call centers where all business handlings are done through various types of communication technology.

This is also for companies which need to handle different marketing and sales technology for purpose of PR, packaging and other technical aspects. One of the most important things to remember is that the technician should be able to handle different problems at the same time. The internal technical errors must be fixed immediately in order to ensure no business is lost. Categories include:

  • CallCenterAnalyst
  • Technology Analyst
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • IVR/CTI Developer

Computer Technical Support Job Titles

These job titles deal with handling computer software and hardware. The technicians need to handle different kinds of hardware like laptops, desktops and the software related to them as well. The technician can either provide solutions over the phone or personally. This can include reinstalling operating systems due to different problems such as hard disk failures and so on. The following job groups come under this umbrella:

  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Equipment Repairer
  • Computer Service Representative
  • Computer Repair Technician

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