Job Titles for Receptionist

By | November 17, 2012

The receptionist is an important part of the office administration. He or she is central for providing support to the various duties and functions that operate within the office space. The receptionist’s work is usually performed within the vicinity of the lobby or front office desk.

This is essentially the waiting area of the organization and it is the first area that clients, employees, customers etc encounter when entering the corporate building. Hence, there is a special need to employ one who has excellent social skills and can greet visitors, clients as well as answer important phone calls as and when required. There are different job titles for receptionist and these correspond with the different business duties of the receptionist.

There has been a drastic change in the responsibilities of the receptionist with more and more industries becoming multinational. The job of receptionist is not merely about receiving phone calls. There is a different set of communication software that needs to be handled. There can also be security duties that need to be fulfilled.

Administrative Assistant Job Titles:

This kind of job usually denotes entry-level position which requires the receptionist to handle incoming and outgoing mails, coordinate meetings, and other different corporate duties. This job position requires a highly qualified candidate since the duties are not solely to do with answering phone calls. This is one of the most professional and comprehensive job positions and includes the following:

  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Staff Assistant
  • Support Assistant
  • Administrative Services Officer
  • Executive Services Administrator
  • Administrative Support Manager
  • Administrative Support Supervisor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Contract Administrator
  • Support Specialist
  • Assistant Director

Office Manager Job Titles:

The office manager is responsible for managing daily corporate chores. This includes ordering different supplies for the office as well as coordinating meetings, plan important events and handle other corporate tasks that are important to the organization. Sub-categories in this segment include:

  • Typist
  • Office Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Word Processor
  • Office Support Manager
  • Office Support Supervisor
  • Program Manager
  • Client Relations Manager
  • Senior Special Events Coordinator Receptionist
  • Facility Manager

Customer Support Representative Job Titles

This job position includes fielding emails, phone calls, taking questions, complaints, and queries from customers. The receptionist must provide support in every feasible way possible to the customer. The job position enables the receptionist to represent the company in a more comprehensive way. Following job titles comes under this umbrella:

  • Information Clerk
  • General Office Clerk
  • Data Entry
  • Mail Clerk Leader
  • Legal Secretary
  • Mail Clerk
  • Credit Clerk
  • Billing Clerk

Executive Assistant Job Titles

The executive assistant is in charge or a particular department within the company. The receptionist functions for this specific department or group. This is an executive level job and hence, the duties and functions are crucial to the smooth functioning of the company. Executive assistant job is sub-categorized into:

  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Senior Administrative Services Officer
  • Records Management Analyst
  • Executive Secretary
  • Senior Support Specialist
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Support Assistant
  • Senior Administrative Analyst
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator

Staff Coordinator Job Titles

This job often enables the receptionist to coordinate the timeline for the various staff members of the company. This job needs to be coordinated along with taking phone calls, handling official mails, and delegating administrative duties.

The title of the staff coordinator comes with an overwhelming set of responsibilities and hence only proficient and able candidates are employed. Following is the list in which this job title can be divided:

  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Mail Equipment Operator
  • Medical Secretary
  • Senior Coordinator
  • Special Programs Coordinator

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