Job Titles for Programmers

By | October 30, 2013

A programmer is an individual who is appointed by a company or organisation to develop, create, implement and utilize computer and software programs. A programmer not only works with computer systems and softwares but also with network systems and web environments. There are many job duties and responsibilities of a programmer but the main task is to write computer programs as per the need and requirement of either the company or the clients.

To become a programmer, an individual needs to have pursued either computer programming or software programming at graduate level or must have done certificate or diploma courses in web development, computer programming etc.

With the growth and development in technology, programming has become a big field of work which consists of several sub fields. Within each of these sub fields are several job titles or positions on which individuals with relevant education and experience are hired or appointed. The following is a detailed categorization of these job titles for programmers.

Computer and Software Job Titles for Programmers:

Whenever we think of programming, computer systems and software come to mind. This is because programs are generally written and executed on computer systems and developed to create softwares. Within this category, many job titles come and each of the job position has a different role to play in the organisation.

Computer and software programmers are generally needed in IT or computer based companies and the following are some of the computer and software job titles for programmers:

  • Senior computer programmer
  • Senior software programmer
  • Senior programmer
  • Junior computer programmer
  • Junior software programmer
  • Junior programmer
  • Senior programmer analyst
  • Junior programmer analyst
  • Programmer analyst
  • Troubleshooting programmer
  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Software analyst
  • Software designer
  • Computer software designer
  • C++ programmer
  • Java analyst
  • Technical programmer
  • IT programmer
  • Software architect
  • .NET programmer
  • Perl developer
  • PeopleSoft developer
  • Oracle programmer
  • UNIX programmer

Web Job Titles for Programmers

Another important area where programmers may be employed or appointed to work is web development or web programming. Companies are hiring many web development specialists who can work with different programming languages to design and develop web based programs. Some of the job titles which fall within this category are given as follows:

  • Web programmer
  • Web development
  • Web designer
  • Website programmer
  • website development
  • C++ developer
  • Junior web programmer
  • Senior web programmer
  • Lead developer
  • Project manager
  • Clerk
  • Assistant
  • Secretary

Mobile Application Job Titles for Programmers

In the past few years, a new field of programmers has come to the forefront and these are called mobile application developers or programmers. These programmers are responsible for the programming and development mobile applications and mobile games etc. with the rise and growth of Smartphones and tablets, there has been an increase in the number of mobile application programmers.

These individuals design utility apps and gaming apps according to the need and requirement of the company which they are working for. Let’s take a look at some of the job titles and positions which fall under this category of programmers.

  • Mobile application programmer
  • Mobile application developer
  • App developer
  • Mobile software developer
  • Senior mobile application developer
  • Junior mobile application programmer
  • Junior mobile application developer
  • Senior mobile application programmer
  • iOS lead developer
  • Android app developer
  • Windows based app developer
  • PHP developer
  • Application support developer

These are the various job titles for programmers but there can be other varying from company to company.

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