Job Titles for Office Assistant

By | November 19, 2013

The term ‘office assistant’ is a term which is used to define any person working as an assistant for a person placed at a higher position in an office. Under the category of office assistants come many different job titles and positions which are responsible for carrying out more or less the same duties. An office assistant is merely a help or support staff employee who has to make sure that the office work is running smoothly and as per the orders and instructions of the senior.

An office assistant is responsible for answering calls, scheduling appointments and meetings, managing files and database systems, running errands, performing data entry duties, customer support, office accounting etc.

Based on the departments and the responsibilities, the position of an office assistant is broken down into the following given classifications:

Accounting and Finance Department Job Titles for Office Assistant

The accounting department is a really important department of any company, however big or small it may be. Together with the finance department, accounting makes a big field of work which must be handled with the help of the supporting staff. Within this department, there are many assistants working to provide support to higher level employees. The following are a few office assistant job titles for the accounting and finance department

  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounts payable assistant
  • Finance assistant
  • Accounting receptionist
  • Accounting clerk
  • Accounts receivable assistant
  • Secretary
  • Personal assistant
  • Budget analyst assistant
  • Budget planning assistant
  • Financial aid assistant
  • Fiscal and business analyst assistant

Sales and Marketing Department Job Titles for Office Assistant

Another important department of any company is the sales and marketing department. This department makes sure that the products of the company are rightly marketed and sold. Within this organisation too, there are many office assistant positions and all of them have been mentioned below:

  • Sales assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Production assistant
  • Project assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Personal assistant
  • Secretary
  • clerk

Human Resources Job Titles for Office Assistants

HR Department or the human resources department is a leg of a company which is responsible for handling all the duties associated with recruitment, employee welfare etc. Thus this department plays an important role in the performance of an organisation and is run by a group of people with HR expertise.

This department needs the support and help of many individuals who work as assistants and make the day to day functioning of the department smooth and easy. The following are some of the job titles for office assistants within the HR department:

  • HR assistant
  • Clerk
  • Personal secretary
  • Executive assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Project assistant
  • Personal assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Department assistant
  • Coordination assistant
  • Human resource analyst assistant

Other Job Titles for Office Assistant

Apart from the given job titles for office assistant position, there are several others which cannot really be categorized on the basis of the department that they fall into and are general office assistant job titles. These positions are more commonly found in small business organizations or office set ups.:

  • Assistant to office manager
  • Assistant to director
  • Assistant to managing director
  • Assistant to president
  • Assistant to vice president
  • Assistant to team manager
  • Training assistant
  • Network assistant
  • Engineer assistant
  • Operations assistant
  • Assistant to production manager
  • Assistant to factory manager
  • Assistant to payroll manager
  • Special assistant to financial manager
  • Staff assistant
  • Store assistant
  • Assistant to field inspector
  • Assistant to senior manager

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