Job Titles for Industrial Engineer

By | November 14, 2012

An industrial engineer is a possessor of very specific and specialized skills which includes complete overseeing and understanding of the processes involved in running an industry on a daily basis. From ensuring that the supply chain is working on time, to taking decisions about productivity and supply, to managing the human and material resources of the company, the industrial engineer must be equipped to handle all these challenges in the proper manner. This requires for a considerable amount of segregation of skill and this is one of the reasons why there are so many job titles under this broad term of industrial engineer. Some of the most common branches of this particular group include manufacturing engineer, mechanical engineer, and operations manager and so on.

The various job titles under this category are all overlapping and therefore, it is quite difficult to distinguish them individually. The job titles for an industrial engineer can be quite varied as well. This means that the scope and range of the career is enormous, and with the development in industries and soft skills, a number of new professions like software quality engineering are also on the rise. All of these combine to make industrial engineering a dynamic and lucrative option for aspirant engineers.

Industrial Process Engineer Job Titles:

Process engineers are especially associated with getting around the problems that various processes in an industry can display. This involves some amount of administrational work like filing of reports, conveying of statutes and so on. In other words, process engineers ensure that the processes of production and distribution in the plant work smoothly. Some job titles under this category of industrial engineers include:

  • Front End Design Engineer
  • Process risk analysts
  • Process development engineer
  • Process improvement engineer
  • Chemical process engineer

Manufacturing Engineer Job Titles:

Manufacturing engineers, as the name suggests, are involved in overseeing the production capacity of a certain machine or the industrial setup as a whole. In other words, they ensure that production takes place at the optimum rate and minimum cost. Vendor equipment proposals are one of their areas of expertise as well. There are similarly many job titles under the banner of manufacturing engineers, and some of them are:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Surface-mount engineers

Quality Engineer Job Titles:

Quality engineering is a very integral part of process engineering, and involves the testing of the production norms of a plant or factory or company to ensure that it meets the industry standards. This involves a bit of legal knowledge as well since litigation in this field is quite common. Quality engineers devise new ways of improving quality of a machine or a product by using the most ecologically beneficial ways possible. Job titles under this umbrella term of process engineering are:

  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Software quality engineers
  • Manufacturing quality engineers
  • Construction quality engineers
  • Telecommunications quality engineers

Schedule/Planning Engineer Job Titles:

Planning engineers, as the name suggests, oversee the planning and detailing of a particular project. In other words, they ensure that the project follows a strict schedule which is always adhered to and which tallies with the scope, aim and budget of the project. Planning engineers conceptualize the project from its very outset and every step of the same is determined by them. The need for planning is self explanatory and therefore, the job titles under the category of planning engineers are:

  • Construction planner
  • Rail planning engineer
  • Planning consultant engineer
  • Project planner engineer
  • Tender planner engineer
  • Integrated planning engineer
  • Senior planning lead engineer

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