Job Titles for Customer Support

By | November 20, 2012

The customer support is a collective range of services provided to customers for specific products and services. This is actually a cost effective service which is provided by companies in order to correct their products and ensure that the customer relations are not adversely affected.

The services include installation, assistance in planning, trouble shooting, disposal and upgrading particular products. There are different technological products which also need specific service. This type of customer service is called technical support since it specifically deals with mechanical or electronic goods.

One of essential things to remember is that there must be proper knowledge of the experts which will allow them to deal with all product related problems. The efficiency of the expert customer support strengthens the foundations of the organization.

Mostly these services are provided twenty four hours a day and also seven days a week as the need is to fix any problem instantly. There are different job titles for customer support which are discussed as follows.

Call Center Customer Support Job Titles

These services are generally related to customers who require different assistance for the variety of products and services offered. There are different aspects of the customer support. These jobs are allocated as per the expertise of the employee concerned. It is important to assess the problem in detail before providing solutions. Sub-categories include:

  • Asset managers
  • Client Service representatives
  • RSR (response services representatives)
  • TSR (technical support representatives)
  • Contact center representatives
  • AM (account managers)

Accountant Customer Support Job Titles

These services are provided specifically for problems related to accountancy. There are different cash payment aspects that need to be handled. Discrepancies in cash flow, balance sheet problems etc are handled by experts within this field. This can be internal support as well but mostly provided for customers of certain organizations.

  • Customer Relationship Specialist
  • Account Specialist
  • Account Service or Management Specialist
  • Sales Specialist
  • Account Management Coordinator
  • (Name of function) Services Associate
  • Customer Interaction Management Specialist

Telecommunication Customer Support Job Titles

This is specifically to do with providing help to customers over the phone. This is seen for various telephone network companies wherein it becomes necessary to provide assistance for the various services provided by the company. This is not just for discrepancies or problems related to the network services but also for basic support as well. The various job categories under this umbrella include:

  • Customer Care Executive
  • Customer Service Professional
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Tele-business Professional
  • Tele-care Executive
  • Tele-business Executive
  • Customer Account Director
  • Customer Liaison Officer
  • Customer Care Coordinator
  • Customer Consultant
  • Tele-care Professional

General Company-based Customer Support

There are companies that offer customer support for products that have been sold. These services are part of the product package hence it becomes important to provide customer support whenever required and at any given time

  • Customer Support Specialist (product or service experts)
  • Customer Representative (Company Rep Customer Support Associates)
  • Customer Advocates
  • Customer Solution provider
  • Company Agents

Technical Customer Support Titles

Technical support is provided for all kinds of electronic products and software. It becomes important that companies provide technical support for different levels of problems.

The three levels of technical support offered which are basic, troubleshooting, and advanced. It becomes essential that the support is provided personally when it comes to hardware. Software problems are basic which can be handled through phone calls and emails.

  • Technical Software Support Engineer
  • Field Technical Support Engineer
  • Software Technical Support Analyst
  • PC & Laptop support technician
  • Help Desk technician Support
  • Hardware Technician support
  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Equipment Repairer
  • Computer Service Representative

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