IT Support Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

IT or Information Technology, is a part of every professional’s life because all our work is nowadays done on computers, and it is the IT Support team of a company which tackles any problem that we might face while handling the computer system, the network or any other computer peripheral.

The general employees may have computer proficiency but they are not aware of all the technical details that accompany the working of computers. An IT support professional has more than functional knowledge of computers and transmission of information; he understands how technology works and what to do when there is some malfunction. Every company needs to have an IT support team since we are so dependent on the computer for the storage of information and a minor error can lead to loss of that information.

These IT support and help desk jobs help in not only making sure that the computers work properly but they also answer any queries we may have regarding the function of a particular component and also instruct us on how to fix the problem. If the problem is more serious, they will send their own team to do any repair, maintenance or troubleshooting work.

There are some companies which hire an IT support professionals to handle troubleshooting problems within the team and some of them hire these experts to solve problems of the customers who call the support team to get answers. Either way, this field offers a vast range of jobs and as long as one has the required technical qualifications and skills to do the work, he should be able to get a solid position. We will divide the jobs in different categories based on their job responsibilities:

IT Support (internal clients) Job Titles:

The IT support department can be part of a company which handles troubleshooting problems of the employees working in the organization. They help the employees in operating the machines, computer peripherals; educate them on how system and network safety practices and also help in the maintenance and repair work of the computer hardware and software in the office. The different types of job titles in this category are as follows:

  • IT Support Officer
  • IT Support Manager
  • Technology Support Coordinator
  • IT System Support
  • IT Network Support Specialist
  • IT Support Director
  • IT Support Training Director
  • IT Network Engineer

IT Support (external clients) Job Titles:

The people working in these positions are like consultants who have the right qualifications and skills to handle any queries and troubles related to any IT issues in an office or an individual’s home. These professionals are high-trained on the various technical products and need to keep themselves updated on the latest developments so that they can identify viruses, create anti-virus programs, answer questions about a new machine and so on. The job titles in this category are:

  • IT Support Consultant
  • IT Network Consultant
  • Software Technical Support
  • IT Support Engineer
  • IT Support Officer
  • Support Service Technician
  • Technology Support Assistant

IT Support (customer care) Job Titles:

There are many companies which deal with technical products which may range from internet service products, computer hardware and software products, computer peripherals and so on. But all consumers are not tech savvy and hence they may find problems in the installation and operation of these machines and require assistance from the help desk of these companies. The experts help these customers solve those problems either by visiting them personally or by answering queries over the phone, like in call centers. Here are some of the job titles in this category:

  • End User Support Specialist
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Customer Help Desk Support
  • Product Support Specialist
  • PC Support Tech Specialist
  • Entry-level Technical Support
  • Support Desk Officer

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