It Director Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

An IT director is a professional who is skilled in the field of information technology (IT), that is, he is an expert in the particular branch of engineering that involves computers and how to store and send information through them. Today, computers have become a part of our life and almost every office has done away with the old fashioned file system and rather has an extensive computer network where people store information and retrieve it when required.

IT has thus become a part of our life and an IT director is in charge of managing these computer resources and the employees who work in the IT department of a particular company. His has a supervisory role and his primary responsibility is to lead the IT department, manage, control and organize all activities related to company’s network and also recommend any new computer products, new technologies etc which will improve the performance of the workforce.

An IT director manages the employees who work with computers and his team can consist of a few skilled workers to hundreds, depending on the size of the company. He is also responsible for interviewing and hiring new workers who will be able to contribute towards the organization.

IT is a vast field which is growing significance in today’s world and hence there is no limit in the number of jobs offered by this field to professionals who have the necessary qualifications required for this job. Since it is a highly technical field, one needs to have a degree in computer science, electronic engineering and preferably business administration to be able to handle the various responsibilities that come with the job. In order to fully comprehend the huge range of jobs that fall under the umbrella of IT director, we will classify the jobs under separate headings based on their field of specialization or job responsibilities:

IT Director (people management) Job Titles:

This type of jobs as an IT director refers to the management of the employees who work directly in the IT department. There must be someone responsible for recruiting and training these employees so that they can do their job effectively and also to evaluate their performance. An IT director leads a small or large team of workers under him, whom he gives instructions on various projects. Major job titles in this category are:

  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Technology Director
  • IT Coordinator
  • IT Assistant Director
  • IT Assistant Manager
  • IT Area Director
  • IT Regional Manager
  • IT Training Director

IT Director (resources management) Job Titles:

An IT director has to be responsible for ensuring that the right kind of IT resources is used so that these computers and peripherals help to boost the performance of the employees. The job duties in this category constitute managing the computer resources of the organization, heading the technical support team, making sure the system is working properly, evaluating new technologies and recommending them, directing any maintenance work and handling troubleshooting problems. The job titles under this heading are:

  • IT Specialist
  • IT Systems Manager
  • IT Director — Tech Support
  • IT Program Director
  • IT Network Director
  • Director of Tech Ops
  • Director of IT Operations
  • Director – IT Solutions Delivery

IT Director (network security) Job Titles:

This is a very important job duty of an IT director, that is, keeping track of any possible threat to the company’s network and website through virus, worms etc. He must direct the use of high-end security devices that will protect the files and the information stored in them. The job profiles in this section are:

  • IT Director of Network Security
  • IT Retail Security Director
  • Systems security administrator
  • Information Systems Security Director
  • Network Security Engineer

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