IT Department Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

The Information Technology or IT department of a computer based or other company is one of the most important departments in any organisation. The various fields of work which the employees of an IT department of a company are involved in are Hardware, software, technology, communications infrastructure and networking0.

The collaboration and coordination of all of these components make an IT department. There are different set of job duties for each of these components and hence a company hired or employees individuals with respective expertise for each of these fragments of the IT department.

Apart from these major fragments, there are other various tasks too which have to be carried out within the IT department of a company. Hence there are many job positions and levels of job titles which are occupied by individuals depending upon their knowledge, expertise, qualifications and experience. With the boom of Information Technology in the world, there has been tremendous growth in the job opportunity for people belonging to the field of IT.

Larger organisations may have more number of job titles whereas the smaller ones may use the same employee for different tasks. For better understanding of this diversification of job positions, the following part of the article shall help you as it gives clear and distinct division of the levels within the IT department of any company.

High Level IT Department Job Titles:

The IT department of a company comprises of certain job titles which can be referred to as the top or high level jobs. The people placed at these positions have the backing of experience, skills, educational qualifications and expertise in IT field. These job positions are generally attained by individuals by working their way from entry level to mid level and then to high level. The following is a list of some of the most prestigious and sought after job titles of an IT department:

  • Senior software developer
  • Senior systems administrator
  • It department head
  • Senior developer
  • Senior web integrator
  • Senior project manager
  • Senior solution architect

Medium Level IT Department Job Titles:

Apart from the high level employees working in the IT department of a company, there is a certain part of the employee base which occupies the medium level positions which are generally related to software development, management, administration, coordination etc. The following list of job titles fall within this range of job duties:

  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • Systems administrator
  • Project manager
  • Team manager
  • Team head
  • Accounts manager
  • Accounts executive
  • Coordinator
  • Desktop support specialist
  • Technical data controller
  • Graphic artist
  • Support analyst
  • IT sales
  • IT marketing
  • Master data administrator
  • QA engineer
  • Oracle specialist
  • SQL Specialist
  • Business technical support representative
  • PHP programmer
  • Java programmer
  • C language specialist
  • Solution architect

Entry Level It Department Job Titles

The third category of job titles of the IT department of a company or organisation is the entry level category. This category of job positions comprises of those individuals who are less experienced and comparatively less knowledgeable and educated as compared to those at the higher levels. The following is a list of the entry level IT department job titles:

  • Service technician
  • Intern
  • Trainee
  • User support administrator
  • Front desk representative
  • Secretary to the department head
  • Service desk representative
  • Cleaner
  • Trainer
  • Junior developer
  • Junior graphic artist
  • Website developer
  • LAN administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security specialist
  • Help desk
  • Computer operator
  • Receptionalist
  • Database analyst

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