House Attorney Job Titles

By | October 18, 2012

House attorneys are responsible for an exhaustive range of business and legal duties. The scope and horizon of the legal work is boarder in the case of in-house counselors that those involved in a private practice. It comprises both proactive risk management as well as straight forward legal tasks.

Those interested in a career as an in-house attorney must develop a familiarity with several areas of law that typically includes intellectual property, contracts employment and labor, tax, litigation, antitrust, securities and corporate and other privacy matters. There are various other domains as well. The position of an in-house attorney requires a strong business acumen.

Using his knowledge of the corporate and business culture of an organization, the house-attorney operates at a lower cost when compared to outside attorneys. They are usually involved in proactively assessing and managing risks and dealing with the regular legal matters that must be attended by the company. Whenever necessary, the house attorney leverages the help of attorneys from outside and focuses on the scope of outside work and research.

The typical duties of a house attorney often involve advising their respective companies on their lawful rights and obligations. They are also entrusted with reviewing of the external and internal documentation and contracts for ensuring compliance with laws and legal provisions of the concerned jurisdiction.

The in-house attorney is also entrusted with taking the lead to negotiate the terms of engagement with the suppliers, purchasers, vendors etc. for securing the interest of the company. Besides, they select and coordinate with the external lawyers for outsourcing and liaising regarding various transactions as well as corporate activities. The house attorney job titles are hence designed in such a fashion.

House legal secretary job titles

The house legal secretary is entrusted with managing administrative activities of the legal department of a company. They have to execute a variety of duties that are focused around assisting the in-house legal counsels and the general legal counsel. The legal secretaries also conduct factual research across all levels and often organize appointments, meetings and dates for the attorneys. The job profiles of this segment are:

  • Legal assistants
  • Chief legal assistants
  • Attorney secretary
  • Personal assistant to general attorney
  • Secretary (coordination)

House chief legal job titles

The in-house chief legal counsel is a senior attorney working in a singular capacity of the house legal department of a government or a corporate office. He brings years of knowledge and experience to his job and oversees several other lawyers and associate lawyers. Under a corporate setting, the chief house attorney reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. The important job titles under this head are:

  • Senior/managing counsel
  • Corporate attorney
  • Associate general counsel
  • Senior corporate attorney
  • Assistant general counsel
  • Senior counsel (workers’ compensation)
  • Deputy general attorney
  • Vice president (legal cell)
  • Legal director (partnerships)
  • Chief underwriting counsel (insurance)
  • Senior trademark attorney
  • Associate principal counsel
  • Chief attorney, litigation and regulatory
  • Consulting real estate holdings attorney
  • Vice president (house legal cell)

House paralegal job titles

The paralegal professional executes a wide range of transactional and administrative duties that are mostly aimed at helping the lawyers and attorney in conducting their duties. They are however, prohibited by law in performing the tasks that are considered within the practice and scope of law. These typically include presenting cases in courts, determining the legal fees and giving legal advice.

  • Assistant to the chief legal officer
  • Apprentice (legal assistance)
  • Paralegal associate
  • Paralegal apprentice
  • Contract administrator
  • Compliance coordinator
  • Legal assistant (office automation)

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