Healthcare Informatics Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

The healthcare industry is a very vast sector comprising of various fields like nursing, clinical jobs, research, information technology, doctors and many more fragments which produce a very large amount of information and data on daily basis. To use this data, it is essential to organize and manage the huge quantity of the information in such a manner that it is understandable and easily and readily accessible. This creates the need in the healthcare sector for the people who can do this kind of job, they are generically known as Informaticians.

They perform operations in the field of informatics by using their skills and knowledge along with the modern and latest data management technologies and provide useful information to the healthcare management, policy makers, executives, patients, staff and workers as per their requirements and area of work. They are specialized in their field of work and combine the knowledge of computers with biostatistics, administration, and health sciences for understanding the data, developing a new and more competent means for the purpose of gathering information about patients and analyzing and documenting health care research results.

Due to the vast size of the healthcare industry and the data produced by its operations there is a high demand for people in the informatics field of the healthcare sector. There are various job titles in this field depending on the king of data being managed which require specialize knowledge along with the general understanding of the various subjects.

Entry Level Healthcare Informatics Jobs

There is a severe requirement for the lower level working staff in the informatics field to gather and process information pertaining to various areas of the healthcare sector and report them to the seniors. As we all know that all the work cannot be managed by the higher level executives so the entry level staff forms the base on which the top officials work. The following is the list of some of the job positions in the health care informatics field.

  • Assistant informatics director
  • Informatics clerk
  • Informatics supervisor
  • Informatics junior manager
  • Clinical informatics junior manager
  • Pharmacist informatics clerk
  • Informatics outreach assistant architect
  • Health information in charge
  • Informatics book keeper
  • Database manager
  • Computer experts
  • Typist
  • Computer engineers
  • Nursing informatics manager
  • Research informatics manager
  • Data security assistant manager
  • Data security developers
  • Software experts

Administrative level healthcare informatics jobs

The administrative level officials help in the management and administration of the unimaginable amount of data. They are also entrusted with the responsibility to supervise the work performed by the junior level personnels and analyze the data. Below listed are some job positions in this level.

  • Informatics executives
  • Informatics coordinator
  • Information regulator
  • Health information systems assistant analyst
  • Clinical informatics senior manager
  • Head informatics outreach architect
  • Pharmacist informatics Executive
  • Account informatics chief
  • IT informatics Administrator
  • Pharmacist informatics specialist
  • Software development specialist
  • Data security senior manager
  • Clinical informatics manager
  • Nursing informatics head
  • Medical Informatics project manager
  • Informatics project designer
  • Medical database administrator
  • Clinical database coordinator
  • ¬†Regional informatics manager

Top level healthcare informatics jobs

Top level executives are entrusted with the responsibility to coordinate and manage the work performed by the juniors and take any corrective actions if required. They have a high degree of professional and specialized knowledge and skills which helps them to analyze and interpret the data so that it can be used by the required persons or department. There are some job positions in the top level of the healthcare informatics listed below.

  • Director of informatics department
  • Medical informatics project head
  • Clinical Informatics department head
  • Vice president informatics department
  • President informatics department
  • Research and development head
  • Head of the computer experts
  • Senior informatics software manager
  • Head informatics security executive
  • Regional informatics chief
  • Nursing informatics director
  • Clinical informatics director
  • Accounts informatics chief
  • Medical database director
  • Database security head

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