Health Insurance Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

A health insurance is a type or kind of an insurance which is granted against the risk of the expenses which are incurred due to illness, disease of injury. A health insurance is also termed as medical insurance and is one of the most important types of insurance.  This insurance ensures the fact that the insurance holder shall have to pay fewer amounts for the health care expenses. This kind of a benefit or insurance is generally provided either by a governmental agency or any non profit private company or business.

Basically, a health insurance is a kind of a contract or legal agreement which is signed between the insurance holder and the company or agency providing the insurance to the former. Within the field of health insurance, there are many employees or individuals working to ensure the smooth running of the entire health insurance sector, department or company. These individuals perform different duties depending upon the qualifications, interest, experience or expertise.  The duties performed by health insurance executives decide the level of job of job title they occupy within the domain of health insurance.  Health insurance is not a huge or vast sector of work but it may still have various different job positions and with the rapidly growing need for insurance covers, this field is demanding more and more employees.

Sales And Marketing Health Insurance Job Titles

In order to sell insurance or bring it to the notice of the public, the health insurance company or department needs sales and marketing executives. Without marketing insurance, it is really difficult to expect a large number of people to buy it. Thus the sales and marketing health insurance job position is one of the most integral and important positions in the health insurance sector. There are several levels of work and duties within this category. The following is a detailed list of the sales and marketing health insurance job titles:

  • Senior sales insurance manager
  • Senior marketing insurance manager
  • Sales insurance executive
  • Marketing executive
  • Marketing insurance head
  • Sales head
  • Business development officer
  • Salesman
  • Creative head
  • Sales assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Team manager
  • Block development officer(BDO)
  • Telesales agent
  • Online sales agent
  • Claims clerk

Managerial and administrative health insurance job titles:

It is really important for any insurance category to have a set of employees or team of individuals who are responsible for the management and administration of the entire department. Without these individuals, the work done by the sales team and the health insurance officers can go to waste. The management of the office or workplace is quite important to ensure the smooth running of the daily operations and tasks. The following is a list of those job titles which fall under the managerial and administrative health insurance category.

  • Senior manager
  • Accounts manager
  • Financial head
  • Senior accounts manager
  • Coordinator
  • Administrative head
  • Insurance manager
  • Junior manager
  • Team manager
  • Project manager
  • Office manager
  • Junior administrative officer
  • secretary

Insurance officer health insurance job titles:

One of the most important roles in the health insurance industry is played by those who either plan or design insurance schemes or those who have the ability to suggest and sell the schemes to individuals as per their budget, requirement or specifications. The following is a list of such officers in the health insurance field:

  • Health insurance officer
  • Health insurance developer
  • Health insurance specialist
  • Insurance officer
  • Help desk
  • Licensed health insurance executive
  • Insurance executive for medical insurance

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