Environmental Management Job Titles

By | September 27, 2012

Environmental managers utilize several types of sciences for protecting the natural resources of the world and the population. They are often known as environmental specialists and environmental scientists. They also oversee the environmental performance of various public, private and voluntary organizations.

They develop, devise, implement and monitor various environmental strategies, policies and programs aimed at promoting sustainable development. They examine the corporate activities for determining where improvements can be carried out, besides ensuring compliance with the environmental legislations.

Environmental managers are usually involved in a wide variety of services and review the whole operation. They execute environmental assessments and audits and identify and resolve the environmental problems, acting as an agent of change.

An important function of the role involves ensuring that the staff is trained at every level and the workforce recognizes their own contribution for improving environmental performance.

Environmental managers usually engage themselves in implementing environmental strategies and plans for ensuring corporate sustainable development, taking the lead for sustainable procurement of all products and services, coordinating various aspects of waste management, pollution control, environmental health, renewable and conservation energy, leading implementation of the environmental practice and policies, auditing, analyzing and reporting the environmental performance to external and internal clients as well as regulatory bodies, carrying out the impact assessments for identifying, assessing and reducing a company’s financial costs and environmental risks.

Environmental management job titles are mostly involved in promoting and raising awareness, across all levels of the organization, about the impact of all emerging environmental issues, whether best practice or legislative, social responsibility or ethical.

Environmental specialist job titles

Environmental specialists protect the environment by identifying the problems and scouring the solutions for eliminating hazards that are likely to affect the health of the environment. The environmental specialist finds out and also investigates for identifying, abating or eliminating the hazardous sources of pollution that often affects the health of the people.

The environmental specialist applies the knowledge found in several disciplines that include ecology, chemistry and other natural sciences. Environmental specialists collect, synthesize, studies, reports and takes action on his findings. Here are some typical environmental specialist jobs:

  • Environmental project manager
  • Research analyst, local policy programs
  • GIS analyst
  • Sustainable livestock development analyst
  • Environmental professionals
  • Environmental legal interns
  • District environmental representatives
  • Urban planning and policy analyst
  • Regulatory specialist
  • Environmental planner
  • Regional forum coordinator

Environmental scientist job titles

Environmental scientists usually engage in statistical analysis, field and laboratory research. They often work in remote field locations for monitoring pollutions and conservation campaigns. Many of these field locations are often considered wilderness. Collection of data often requires using technical instruments in most cases and the recording of data is mostly done on computers.

Environmental scientists are expected to adhere to research standards that are determined by the government authorities. The studies they conduct are often published as research papers or in science magazines. Environmental scientists communicate their findings to other scientists as well as the public. Most environmental scientists work on project basis i.e. they are recruited by companies for a particular project. They also work in government agencies and bodies.

  • Senior wetlands scientist
  • Field scientist
  • Associate director
  • Deputy directors of energy efficiency and green building
  • Environmental health consultant
  • Environmental engineer/scientist
  • Senior associate (research and policy)
  • Soil scientist
  • Wetland biologist
  • Associate air quality specialist
  • Associate operational compliance scientist
  • Senior project manager (hazardous waste disposal)
  • Senior level environmental engineer
  • Staff scientist
  • Senior scientist
  • Wetland scientist
  • Oceans advocate
  • Executive director, environment cell
  • Program scientist (renewable energy division)

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