Environmental Engineer Job Titles

By | November 14, 2012

An individual, who is committed to working for and addressing the cause of the environment and has the requisite education background with strong foundations in Mathematics and Science, can become environmental engineer. Such persons are involved in tackling the pressing issues of environmental degradation like pollution and erosion, and they devise new and innovative methods to combat these issues.

Some of the chief work that environmental engineers have brought to fruition includes rain water harvesting, tackling acid rain, collecting samples of soil and water and assessing them for varying degrees of pollution and so on. There are many categories and subcategories under the broad term of environmental engineer and each job title comes with its own complexities and nuances.

There are many fields which are quite overlapping as far as environmental engineering is concerned. These straddle the areas of science as well as engineering and are generally considered together. These careers are extremely productive and fulfilling, and the variety of job titles under the term environmental engineering is reflective of the interest and popularity of this field as a career option for many.

Environmental inspector job titles:

Environmental inspectors are in charge of various categories of the environment like air, water, agriculture, pollution and so on. Each inspector has his own specific skill set and is to exercise his jurisdiction in the area chosen by him. For example, air quality inspectors are in charge of testing the nature of air or emission which emerges from the chimneys of factories and industries.

Air pollution and the various ways to mitigate air pollution is what concerns air quality inspectors. There are some specializations even within the broad category of environmental inspectors and some of the job titles under this label include:

  • Environmental project engineer
  • Air quality inspectors
  • Agriculture engineers
  • Aquarists
  • Agronomists
  • Conservation scientist
  • Marine engineers
  • Geosciences engineers
  • Environmental technician
  • Environmental technologist
  • Geological engineers
  • Natural gas engineers
  • Geosciences technician and so on.

Environmental consultants job titles:

Such engineers act as consultants on developmental projects. They ensure that all the rules and regulations of the environmental bodies are met with in the developmental project and they also ensure that the impact of the project on the geographical locale and local population of an area is beneficial. The various classifications of job titles under the umbrella term of environmental consultants include:

  • Contaminated land environmental consultant
  • Asbestos management environmental consultant
  • Geotechnical management consultant
  • Environmental management systems consultant
  • Impact assessment environmental consultant
  • Radon impact assessment environmental consultant
  • Flood risk assessment environmental consultant

Water quality treatment engineer job titles:

Such environmental engineers have a very focused and specific area of expertise where they demonstrate innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to prevent the loss of water, whether waste or rain. There are many further subdivisions in this category and each has its own job titles. Some of them are as follows:

  • Waste water treatment engineers
  • Municipal sewage treatment engineers
  • Industrial waste water treatment engineers
  • Domestic waterworks engineer
  • Irrigation systems engineer

Computer Modeling and Spatial Analyst Job Titles:

Such individual are trained in the use of computer software to trace the impact of various environmental and man-made processes on a particular area of the world. This is a highly skilled professional who knows his technological requirements well enough to operate and design sophisticated equipments. Job titles under this category of environmental engineering include the following professions:

  • Digital computations engineers
  • Process control engineers
  • Groundwater modeling engineers
  • Modeling of continuum system engineers
  • Finite element analysis engineers

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