Entry Level Accounting Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

Accounting is a field where there is a vast number of job options available if one has the necessary skills and qualifications and it is also good sector for one to get an entry-level job. When we say entry-level jobs, we expect the candidate to be a newcomer and devoid of any formal work experience in a particular field and hence the job duties of the entry-level positions are the most basic so that the employee can first learn the fundamental things and then move on to more complicated ones as he gains more work experience.

The accounting department of every office requires these entry-level accountants because there are many financial documents which need to be browsed through and here these new employees play a big role. They are put in charge of maintaining financial records and update any new information that they receive.

Usually they have to work for fixed hours except when it is tax season, which is the busiest time of the year for these employees. They need to have an eye for details, possess excellent analytical skills and must be good with numbers. The information that they analyze and tally is used later by the seniors to make financial reports. They usually tackle documents related to the company’s revenues, losses, liabilities, investments etc.

Here are a few basic job titles categories that an entry-level employee can get in the field of accounting.

Accounting Clerk or Bookkeeper Job Titles:

A bookkeeper or accounting clerk is someone who works along with a senior accountant and keeps track of the company’s transactions in their respective files and also makes adjustments in the assets, liabilities, profits and losses by updating the records. He takes the help of his senior and ensures that the data entered in the company books are accurate and they are not unfinished. It is one the first jobs that an accountant is offered. Some major job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Staff Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Ledger Keeper
  • Junior Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Tax Clerk Job Titles:

A tax clerk is someone who is specifically given the responsibility to ensure that the company is following all the state and federal rules and regulations related to corporate and sales tax and that the company is paying the taxes according to the rules set by the IRS. He has to check whether the company financial figures are in order and also assists in filing the company’s quarterly or fiscal numbers. The job titles under this heading are:

  • Financial Controller
  • Auditing Clerk
  • Tax Clerk
  • Junior Tax Clerk

Accountant or Auditor Trainee Job Titles:

These are employees who have joined just after passing out from college and have no experience and hence they need to be trained before they can get confirmation of their employment. They usually work with under a senior accountant or auditor and have to review the organization’s financial reporting system, the balance sheets, cash flows, revenues and losses and so on. If there are any mistakes, they need to report it immediately. Here are a few job titles in this category:

  • Trainee Accountant
  • Trainee Auditor
  • Financial Trainee Auditor
  • Junior Auditor

Treasury Assistant Job Titles:

These employees analyze the company’s liquidity needs and examine the cash levels of the different departments of the organization. If one department has an excess level of funds, then that surplus amount is transferred to the another which requires those funds. He also maintains a record of the various international transactions and makes sure the company follows the foreign risk management steps. Here are a few job titles in this category:

  • Treasury Assistant
  • Treasury Secretary
  • Trainee Treasurer
  • Junior Treasurer

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