Electrical Engineering Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the designing, production, testing and repair of machines or systems which run on electricity. They use their qualifications, skills and expertise in installing electrical parts in different systems and some of them also work with computers. Hence the field of electrical engineering often intermingles with electronics engineering. They also have to work with the supply and generation of power and also handle any problems that may arise in power grids and any other electrical equipment

One needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering to get a job as an engineer and a master’s or PhD to work in the educational line. Here are a few job titles that one can choose from the field of mechanical engineering.

Electrical Engineer Job Titles:

Electrical engineering is a vast field and there are many job titles in this category. Once one gets his engineering degree, he has a wide variety of options to choose from. All these jobs involve dealing with various systems which work on electricity and the engineer has to design and operate such systems. The most common job titles under this heading are:

  • Principle electrical Engineer
  • Plant Electrical Engineer
  • Substation Engineer
  • Power Generation Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Field Engineer
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer (non-computer)
  • Controls Engineer
  • Electrical Industrial Trainer
  • Electrical Project Engineer
  • Industrial – Electrical Maintenance Crane Technician
  • Electrical Compliance Engineer
  • Wire Design & Installation Engineer
  • Entry Level Engineer
  • Electrical Designs Engineer
  • Electrical Operations Engineer
  • Electrical Power System/Thermal

Electrical Engineering Manager Job Titles:

These are more senior-level positions as like any other team, engineers also require a manager who will supervise all their projects, set the deadline, budget and project goals and analyze their performance. These electrical engineers have a master’s degree and a business degree or many years of work experience before they can start to work at this position. The different types of managerial positions in this field are as follows.

  • Electrical Engineering Manager
  • Electrical Engineering Director
  • Senior Electrical Engineering Executive
  • Senior Electrical Engineer Specialist
  • Electrical Engineering Supervisor
  • Key Electrical Engineering Executive
  • Electrical Engineering Strategist
  • Electrical Engineering Analyst

Electrical Engineering Research/Teaching Job Titles:

There are many electrical engineers who pursue higher studies like PhD and use their knowledge and skills in research. Although some of them have work experience of working in companies which require electrical engineers, there are many who choose to continue with research and eventually may take up teaching jobs. These engineers are employed by the various technical, vocational colleges and universities and their responsibilities differ from institute to institute. Here are a few job titles that these professionals hold:

  • Chairman of Electrical Engineering Program
  • Head of Electrical Engineering Studies
  • Professor if Electrical Engineering
  • Research Scientist — Electrical Engineering
  • Research Assistant — Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Micro-electrical Engineering Instructional Faculty
  • Electrical Engineering Department Chair
  • Electrical Engineering Lecturer
  • Postdoctoral Associate — Electrical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Technician Job Titles:

Electrical engineering technicians are those professionals who those who provide any technical assistance to the engineers or help in the installation, maintenance and repair work of electrical systems. They are directly involved in all the technical work and must know how to manage the equipment. They may have to set up and install test equipment, modify parts to correct problems and follow all the safety precautions as any carelessness could lead to a serious accident. Some common job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Chief Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Lead Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Junior Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Senior Engineering Technician
  • Senior Electrician
  • Maintenance Supervisor – Electrical
  • Electrical Engineering Aide
  • Electrical Engineering Clerk
  • Electrical Inspector

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