Education Management Job Titles

By | September 27, 2012

The education management jobs are responsible for planning, overseeing and organizing the educational strategies and approaches as well as the resources and development of the curriculum for primary school, preschool, secondary school and administrators. Such duties usually require candidates to be very organized and possessing the ability to prioritize things.

Education managers should have the ability for effectively communicating ideas, rules, policies and regulations and hence, they must possess excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills. The ability to act as a leader is of much importance.

The job of an education manager requires the aspiring candidate to be knowledgeable about the educational standards and curriculum. As a manager, he must be able to formulate and interpret the performance summaries so as to identify the issues, collect information and arrive at a conclusion in an objective manner.

Educational managers are expected to have a good level of proficiency as far as research is concerned. This would obviously include keeping oneself updated with the information and development related to the particular industry or field where they are employed.

They must also be aware of the changes taking place in their field, besides the best practice that must be followed regarding education in that field. Ability in researching successful techniques and similar programs for implementing education for the own program is a beneficial skill that an education manager should have.

Sometimes the education officer has to assume a sales role where he has to pitch the educational material at appropriate educational institutions and sales outlets.

Educational sales officer job titles

An education officer is involved with delivering educational programs mostly in schools and other educational institutions. The officer is expected to give technical assistance for the best practices with regard to instruction and professional development.

These officers help institutions in their range of services for developing and promoting educational objectives to attain the required targets and standards. Following are some common job titles in this segment:

  • Education sales officer (technical)
  • Schools officer (education)
  • Medical sales education officer
  • Public education officer
  • Community and recruitment education officer
  • Education officer (school books and publications)
  • Assessment officer
  • Progress officer (schools)
  • Higher education evaluation and policy officer
  • Regional schools outreach officer
  • Program support officer
  • Primary education content monitor
  • Sales coordinator (educational units)
  • Library sciences officer
  • Project officer (secondary education)
  • Course manager (distance learning)
  • Sales executive (educational products)

Education manager/director job titles

The education manager is the next in hierarchy in the education management profession. The education manager is responsible for developing training materials for new products and ongoing product training, responsible for all the curriculum development as well as advanced training programs, maintaining resource library, develop modules for product knowledge and programs for schools, and remain present at professional sales events.

The education director, on the other hand, directs and shapes the courseware and the teaching process. Several education directors run educational programs at a non-school setting like museums, vocational institutions and non-government organizations. They have to work with the advisory group or educational committee to design the best course. The major job titles under this domain are:

  • Academic manager
  • Admissions director
  • Education director (school syllabus)
  • Assistant director (assessment programs)
  • Associate director (open curriculum)
  • Campus tour director
  • Coordination specialist (distance education)
  • Course director (on campus studies)
  • Education contracts manager
  • Senior service delivery manager
  • Senior education manager (higher learning)
  • Director (senior education)
  • Senior manager (education systems)
  • Director (education management projects)
  • Assistant director (mainstream education)
  • Assistant director (distance learning)
  • Associate director of professional education

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