Construction Management Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

Construction management forms one of the most important units in the construction industry as all the main work related to the timely construction of a building and its management comes under responsibility of a construction manager. A construction manager has to plan, organize and coordinate the scheme of a structure. The construction management team needs to ensure whether the budget planed for construction comes in the range of the company or not.

Therefore a construction manager ensures that a strong structure is built with appropriate budget in hand, and hence is responsible for the success of the company. Employees working in the area of construction management need to be good in supervising skills and should also have good management skills as they control all the construction staff working under them such as labours, construction managers, architects, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

Construction manager’s main responsibility occurs at the time of planning a construction; they need to ensure that good quality material is used by the workers at the time of construction, which provides strength to the building. Then they associate themselves with quality control programs. A construction manger needs to make sure that the work done on site is progressing according to the schedule, so as to prevent any delays with the project.

A construction manager should have good computer skills as all the project related work is to be done by them on the computer. They analyze the budget and mark the cost requirement through the means of computer. They also need to evaluate construction method on computer. Further a construction manager needs to obtain all the necessary licenses and permits required for the current construction project. In order to understand the scope of job titles under the field of construction management, one can follow the given categories.

Extractive Worker Manager Job Titles:

Main responsibilities of these workers are related to the job of construction of buildings and its maintenance. The installation workers are responsible for installing door opening system, gate opening system, etc. These workers needs to make sure that all the parts of building are installed in time. The major job titles under the category of extractive workers are as follows:

  • General maintenance worker
  • Installation worker
  • Facilities maintenance worker
  • Production workers
  • Construction workers
  • Maintenance worker
  • Utility worker
  • Assembly worker

Medium Level Management Job Titles:

In medium level job titles, all the managers working in a specific field are to be included. These managers are responsible for planning, maintenance and organization work. These managers are required to work under the supervision of senior managers or supervisors. All the project related research work is to be done by them. The major job titles in this category are as follows:

  • Installation manager
  • General manager
  • Project manager
  • Service manager
  • Account manager
  • Operation manager
  • Safety manager
  • Extractive worker manager
  • Project coordinator manager
  • Project control manager
  • Site manager

High Level Management Job Titles:

Under the high level management job of Construction Company, are all the people working as the head of their respective departments. These are the main coordinators and supervisors of the entire construction project. Their duty is to check that all the projects taken by the company are progressing on time and under the fixed budget. Following are the job titles which come under the category of high level management construction:

  • Senior project manager
  • Senior project manager construction
  • Project superintendent
  • Architecture senior project manager
  • Vice president of construction operation
  • Vice president, experience design
  • Vice president, production services
  • Senior electrical project manager
  • Senior geotechnical project manager
  • Senior estimator

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