Construction Company Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

A construction company is that company which employees various people from different streams who have necessary education in the field of construction and architecture. These people come together in order to construct a structure for the company such as buildings, parks, hotels, hospitals, etc. A project taken by a construction company requires to be processed in various steps and different people are given the responsibilities to complete that project.

An architect forms the design for the building in accordance with the requirements of the client. He or she assesses the needs of the client and forms the design accordingly, further they need to ensure that the design formed by them have good structural strength and has been made according to the location given by the client. There are also geotechnical engineers who need to check the quality of the soil in order to lay a good foundation for the building.

Apart from the site work many employees needs to do managerial jobs such as they need to make sure that all the goods and technology used for the project are placed within the budget. There are various senior managers and supervisors who work at a high level in these construction companies, there main job is to allocate different employees in different sections according to their requirements. These people working on higher post are also responsible for taking care of the entire management of the company.

Hence the education requirements for the people working in the field of Construction Company vary according to the job they are titled for. A construction company requires a good number of efficient architects who have a bachelor’s degree in architecture. There are also different kinds of engineers taken by a construction company such as mechanical engineers, computer engineers, environmental engineers, etc. In order to understand the various job responsibilities performed by people working in the field of construction company, we can classify the jobs under the following given categories.

Entry Level Construction Job Titles:

Under the heading of entry level job title, we include all the employees and workers whose main work is based on the site. These workers form the base of any Construction Company as they are responsible for the building’s construction. Some of their job duties are related to electrical work such as installation of wires and checking the system for any defects etc.  Environmental engineers are also included in this category whose main job is to see that the construction work is performed according to the environmental laws. Jobs titles under this category are:

  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Electrical contractor
  • Environmental engineer
  • Landscaping contractor
  • Concrete labourers
  • Equipment operator
  • Iron worker
  • Site manager
  • General labourer

Medium level construction job titles:

Under this category, all the people working at managerial level are to be included. These employees take the part of the work that occurs on the site. They ensure that transportation facilities for the construction purpose are up to date and good material is used for the construction. Job titles under this category are:

  • Project manager
  • Assistant project manager
  • Construction assistant
  • Construction coordinator
  • Contract administrator
  • Contract manager
  • Field engineer
  • Safety manager
  • Superintendent
  • Surveyor

High level construction job titles:

Under this category, all the people who are the respective heads of their department are to be included. These people are responsible for planning, organizing and management of the project and also of the employees working under them. Job titles under this category are:

  • Vice president design and construction
  • Senior project manager
  • Senior estimator
  • Senior structural design engineer
  • Director facilities management
  • Market director
  • Director of operations/maintenance
  • Executive director

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