Computer Software Engineer Job Titles

By | November 9, 2012

A computer software engineer’s primary task is the development of software which will enable the computer to complete a variety of functions. Business applications, networking functions, troubleshooting, computer games, databases are some of things that a computer software engineer will have to create, and based on this, the titles of the job of a computer software engineer will differ. Strong technical skills and a solid foundation in the mathematical basis of computational skills is a prerequisite in such a course.

Most of the job titles under this particular course are interdisciplinary and therefore, likely to be overlapping. However, each has its own function in the scheme of things and varies from the other allied streams as well. This not only proves the diverse range of activities which fall under the ambit of computer software engineering, but also confirms the dynamic nature of the field where each day new demands have to be met through the devising of new job titles.

The job titles under the term of computer software engineer are varied and an indication is obtained of the diverse and complex nature of this work area. Some of the chief job titles under the term are as follows:

Computer Design Engineer Job Titles:

There is a constant need for new and innovative products and services which are to be fulfilled by a computer software engineer who works in the field of design. This is quite a niche industry and involves aspects of marketing and management as well. The whole idea behind this field is to create a product and then design it in a way that it is likely to appeal to clients in the target zone. Some of the job titles in this term include:

  • Computing solutions engineering
  • Software control engineering
  • Software organizational engineering
  • Systems architecture engineering
  • Optimization manager

Quality Assurance Engineer Job Titles:

This is a very important branch of computer software engineering as it allows the individual to test software before it is made available to the public or promoted in the market. The job of the quality assurance engineer is to unravel the program, detect any chance of unexpected behavior and then provide solutions to technical glitches. This ensures that quality assurance engineers will have to undergo some amount of unit testing. Job titles under this category include:

  • Security testing engineering
  • Usability testing engineering
  • Software performance testing engineering
  • Functional testing engineering
  • Alpha testing engineering
  • System engineering

Configuration Management Engineer Job Titles:

This job provides an individual with the chance of devising codes that will keep track of a particular software development project which has more than one engineer involved in it. In other words, this involves configuring test systems, development systems and so on along with merging codes, packaging software and getting it ready for installation. This is a challenging job and some of the variants included under it are:

  • Software lifecycle management engineering
  • Change control engineering
  • Process management engineering
  • Software build management engineering

Systems Engineer Job Titles

Such an individual deals with not just the requirements of the software being developed but also human as well as hardware requirements. This is a related discipline to computer software engineering and is opted for as specialization by many professionals in this field. The various job titles, as mentioned below, under the broad term of systems engineering shows the popularity of this branch in computer software engineering.

  • Statistical analysis engineering
  • Software cognitive systems engineering
  • Software interface design engineering
  • Software operations research engineering
  • Software control engineering
  • Software performance engineering

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