Civil Engineer Job Titles

By | November 9, 2012

Civil engineers are involved in heavy-duty work of remodeling, reconstructing or rebuilding projects. They may choose to work from their offices with occasional visits to the site of work or they may have to spend a considerable portion of their day on site or on-location. This depends on the nature of the work the civil engineer is working on and the post he is employed in.

There are many variants of the job of a civil engineer, and this is borne out by the profusion of job titles which are available under the broad category of civil engineering. Computational and statistical skills are also a prerequisite in this particular field of work, which brings in different types of vision as well.

Most of the job titles under this branch of engineering overlap in some way or the other. For example, geotechnical engineering contains earthquake engineering and so does structural engineering. Therefore, some of the job titles are common to two or more categories.

However each job title comes with its own duties and specifications regardless of the broader category to which it belongs. Some of the most common job titles under civil engineering include:

Structural Civil Engineer Job Titles:

A structural engineer is chiefly involved in determining the viability of structures like bridges, dams and buildings and to analyze how well they will withstand various forces acting against them like environmental forces, man-made forces, natural decay and weathering and so on.

The foundations of building and public amenities are especially examined by structural engineers in order to determine their strength and quality. The various job titles under the category of structural civil engineer are:

  • Earthquake engineering
  • Façade engineering
  • Tower engineering
  • Wind engineering
  • Fire engineering
  • Roof engineering

Water Resources Engineer Job Titles:

Wetland protection, water conservation, and dam building are some of the chief concerns of a water resources engineer. The job titles under this particular branch of civil engineering include:

  • Water treatment plant design engineering
  • Irrigation engineering
  • Surface runoff analyst

Geotechnical Engineer Job Titles:

Geotechnical engineers occupy a niche position within the field of civil engineering. They deal with structures like pipes, mines, subways, tunnels, leeway, lifts and shafts and so on. They primarily deal with geology, combining it with science and technology, to produce a structure which is lasting, strong and durable and can be considered as a public or industrial amenity. The job titles under this particular field are as follows:

  • Marine geotechnical engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Emergence management engineering
  • Base isolation engineering

Construction Civil Engineers Job Titles:

A construction civil engineer is involved with creation of structures which can prove to be lasting and strong. This is one of the more general categories under the umbrella term of civil engineering and involves considerable training, tenacity, knack and experience.

The formal job titles under construction engineering are many and can be differentiated on the basis of the nature of constructions to be built by the particular individual. Some of them are as follows:

  • Building construction engineering
  • Civil/ heavy construction engineering
  • Industrial construction engineering

Transportation Civil Engineers Job Titles:

Transportation engineers are responsible for making our means of transportation- that is roads, railways, airfields, smooth and free of any defect. They have a huge responsibility since the well-being of a city or a country’s transport media is a key indicator of the technical and structural proficiency of its industries.

Mass transportation is also an important consideration which such engineers have to consider. The various job titles under this category include:

  • Highways engineering
  • Railroad engineering
  • Airport engineering
  • Port and harbor engineering

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