Career Builder Job Titles

By | October 30, 2012

In this era of diverse career options and directions, one is faced with dilemma and confusion while opting for a particular career choice. Not everyone is clear about the career direction they wish to head on and may end up wasting precious years to decide the career most suited for them. To avoid this confusion, career counseling and career building institutes are set up.

A career builder centre helps individuals to opt for the career that is best suited for them. These centers mainly focus upon career exploration, career counseling, career change, career development etc. These institutes are very helpful for people to find suitable jobs based upon their educational qualifications as well as interest base.

A career builder institute plays a crucial role to guide students who have just completed their schooling to enter their desired field or come over the confusion that they face related to choosing the right career path. They may also guide those who have completed their entire education but are unable to find the right jobs etc. This field also includes psychology of the candidates and may require career counselors or builders to have attained psychology related education.

Within the field of career building, there are many sub fields and categories such as aptitude, personality, education and interest. Based on these categories, the following job titles are generated.

Junior level career building job titles:

At the junior level of career building, the career builders are responsible for providing counseling and career building advice to school going children or those who have just passed school.

This may require child and teenage psychology skills and use of interests and hobbies to comprehend the suitable career field for the students. This field of career builders is divided into certain job titles, a list of which is given in the following lines:

  • Junior level career counseller
  • Under graduate career counseling
  • Student career counseling
  • School student career counseling
  • Student career builder
  • Student career psychology
  • Student/child psychology
  • High school level career counseling
  • College admissions counseller


Graduate level career building job titles:

A career builder or counseller who works in a career building centre to provide guidance and assistance to graduates to help them decide their careers ahead are known as graduate level career builders. These individuals may help students to go abroad for further studies and take required tests and entrance examinations.

They show the graduates the right direction and may also help them to find suitable jobs. The following are the job positions which fall under this category of career builder.

  • Graduate level career builder
  • Graduate level career counseller
  • Graduate psychologist
  • Mid level career builder
  • Academic counseller
  • Post graduate admission counseller
  • Job counseller

Employment career counseller job titles:

A career builder who works in a career building institute to provide counseling to those who are looking for the right jobs in their desired career field are known as employment career counseller. These individuals provide the right advice as far as finding the right jobs is concerned.

They also help individuals to change their previously picked careers and select new ones as per their satisfaction level and interest. An employment career counseller is considered as the top level of the career building field. The following are a few of its job titles:

  • Senior counseller
  • Senior job counseller
  • Employment job counseller
  • Career counseller
  • Job recruiter
  • Guidance counseller
  • Counseling psychologist
  • Job psychologist
  • Senior level career builder
  • Senior career builder
  • Career change counseller

All these positions and titles together form the vast field known as career building.

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